While we all have pretty much agreed on a few certain things that help us all relax from different stressors, two examples being music and exercise. But there is another thing that I want to add to the list: driving. While this is clearly not a good idea for those emotional drivers who might cuase an accident if they are emotionally compromised and completely stressed out while on the road, it can be perfectly calming for those who can keep it under control. I have  a 5 hour drive back home and while I don’t go home very often becuase of it, I look forward to the drive simply becuase it means that I just have those 5 hours to relax, listen to my music, and not have to worry myself about a ton of different deadlines that I have. Furthremore, one of my friends jsut goes out on a drive when he just can’t seem to study. With exams coming up and having to review a ton of material, he just goes out on a drive. He takes his ipod along, and just takes turns whereever he feels like it, sometimes getting himself completely lost.

 Then, when he feels like he should go back and thinks he can finally focus, he’ll turn on his GPS and come on back to campus. Being able to physically get himself away from the problem is definatley theraputic for him and helps him deal with the overwhelming feeling of studying for his tests or whatever he has on his mind. So, while not reccomended for those who arn’t necessarily the most cautious of drivers when they are stressed, watching the road flow by under you is yet another potential method for helping your stress.


Girls Are Always Stressed!

Is it better to be a male or female when dealing with stress? My guess was females, because looking back at chapter 7 in Sapolsky’s Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers, I realized that the affects of stress, specifically on the reproductive system, is a lot worse for females than it is for males. Males face dilemmas like premature ejaculation and loss of erection, while females have to deal with issues as drastic as irregular menstruation, miscarriages, and fertilization failure. In the chapter 7 PowerPoint, not only did females have a greater quantity of problems that came with stress, but I think the conflicts that they encountered were drastically less favorable than those of which men had to deal with. I did a bit more research on the topic, and I found that girls are better at coping with stress than boys. This surprised me, because it seemed like women have it much worse than men according to Sapolsky. A study shows that stress causes more of a reaction in the blood pressure of males opposed to females.

The following sites contain more information on this subject:

Action Packed Movies


This past friday night a couple of the baseball guys decided that we should go out and see a movie. That movie was the New Fast and Furious also know as Fast Five. I had not seen more then two of these movies and i dont think any of them from beginning to end. Going in to the movie i did not expect quite the magnitude of the adrenaline rush i would get during the movie and the excitement and the rush id feel after the movie had ended. This is how these action movies end up making sequels its the hype that they can generate. People will go to their local movie theatre and spend 10 bucks to see the next film hoping to get that same endorphin release that that got in the previous film. For guys there isnt anything that interests us more than fast cars, money, and women and this has been a part of all the fast and furious movies. I also felt a little nervous getting in a car with someone else driving after the movie becuase i know that if i was behind the wheel that that stress response may lead me to having a little bit of a heavy foot on the drive back to campus.

The Most Stressful

So we have learned a lot about stress this semester. We have been blogging about stressors and stress relief, and we all have seen stressful experiences people have been through. Knowing that this class is coming to an end, I was looking over posts and thinking about all the stress people face. This made me wonder what would top the list of the most stressful things that people faced. I thought to myself for a while, and kind of constructed my own list with the obvious things, like: school, a job, a relationship, death, and driving. What stressors do you face the most? If you made a list of the most stressful things, what would be on the list? After doing some research, I found a list of the top 10 most stressful things in life:
1. Divorce / Breakup
2. Bereavement
3. Losing job
4. Wedding planning
5. Work
6. Kids / Family
7. Debt
8. Commuting
9. Studying for exams
10. Pregnancy
Does anything on this list surprise you? The thing that stood out to me most was “kid/family”, because when I think about it, it is also a form of stress relief, especially for people like me, college students, who are away from home and dealing with stressful things, like exams and work, which are both on the list. Getting the chance to see or talk to my family usually brightens my day when I’m not feeling too well. If you had a chance to change this list, what alterations would you make?

The following sites contain different lists, take a look to see if these lists more accurately cover the most stressful life events:

Disney, are there really subliminal messages?

So, I’m sure everyone loves the wonderful Walt Disney movies. We all watched them in our youth and might still watch them at times because they remind us of our childhood! In high school I took a psychology class and we learned about subliminal messaging. Subliminal messages are hidden words or images in advertisements, movies, or music. It has been noticed that there are subliminal messages in some Disney movies such as The Lion King, Aladdin, and The Little Mermaid.  Have you all seen heard of these messages being present in the Disney movies?

Here is an example of a subliminal message in Aladdin.

You must listen very closely, but Aladdin says, “Take off your clothes.”  Why would Disney put this into one of his movies that are meant for children?  What do you think?

Another movie is The Lion King.  While Simba lays down in the grass, dust flies up into the sky to spell the word sex.. watch closely in this video.

Finally, a third movie that has subliminal messages in it is The Little Mermaid.  At the end of the movie, when Prince Eric and Ursula are getting married the priest is having a little problem with his pants… here’s another video.

After watching these three examples of subliminal messaging in Disney movies, does it change your perspective on them? Do you think these are real or fake, there is much controversy between the subject so what is your opinion on it?

My new hobby

When I was younger I never would have thought that I would end up being interested in photography. However, when my friends and family started telling me how good I was at taking pictures, I got the idea to get a DSLR (digital single reflex lens) camera. These cameras are the ones used by professional photographers. Every since I told my mother that I wanted a camera and had decided which one I was going to get, I anticipated my camera arriving in the mail. The anticipation alone made me feel alot happier. I had a horrible year and it was nice to know that I would be getting SOMETHING that would make me happy. When I finally got it, I immediately starting taking pictures and from then on I had a hobby. Now I go out and take pictures around campus and its something that I really enjoy. I highly recommend trying photography if you are looking for a fun, creative hobby to take up.

These are some of my recent pictures:




Youtube as a stress relief?

Is anyone like me and just sitting around bored and goes to youtube? I love going to youtube and just finding random videos that mkae me laugh. Once I get going I can’t stop. I find that if my day is just slow and not very exciting that youtube helps me feel better. I am a strong believer that laughing is a great medicine. If you are laughing then you feel better about how things are going in your life. I share most of the videos with my friends. The videos that I find most everyone loves. My choices in videos have recieved so much attention that I even have a list of friends on facebook that have asked me to send them videos. I feel that they enjoy them and it makes their days just a little bit better. I know that Jordon in our class is on that list and we have a blast sharing funny videos. So if your ever have a down day go to youtube and type in anything and you’ll find something shortly. If you can’t just ask me and I’ll find something in my random brain for ya to laugh at.

Sorry for the language but maybe this will help everyone with their finals my gift to yall.

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