So, often times people complain that they have the winter time blues, which is a lighter, less serious case as what is known as  Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a condition that occurs when the days become shorter in the wintertime. Wintertime blues will cause people to have a reduced quality of life with less “sparkle”, less fun, less productivity… what it will not do is impair their work or relationships.

SAD, however, will provide those who suffer from it with similar symptoms and then some… they will have low energy and difficulty waking up in the mornings. They will also become more sad and depressed. For the worst cases, symptoms can have drastic effects on a person’s life. People will become unable to work.

So… it is evident that there actually are cases of wintertime blues… but what about summertime blues, perhaps for those of us that love the snow and winter sports. Personally, I love to ski both downhill and cross country, as well as snowboard. I also enjoy snowmobiling and ice fishing. There are tons of things that I miss about winter when the summer comes around (don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the summer days), and

I was curious to see if there are any people that suffer from the “summertime blues”… turns out, there is!

It is referred to as Reverse SAD or Summer SAD. I found that it is more common than people may think, but

it is also very unknown.

That being said, I don’t think I have SAD… or Summer SAD, but maybejust an unhealthy obsession with snow sports?


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