Action Packed Movies


This past friday night a couple of the baseball guys decided that we should go out and see a movie. That movie was the New Fast and Furious also know as Fast Five. I had not seen more then two of these movies and i dont think any of them from beginning to end. Going in to the movie i did not expect quite the magnitude of the adrenaline rush i would get during the movie and the excitement and the rush id feel after the movie had ended. This is how these action movies end up making sequels its the hype that they can generate. People will go to their local movie theatre and spend 10 bucks to see the next film hoping to get that same endorphin release that that got in the previous film. For guys there isnt anything that interests us more than fast cars, money, and women and this has been a part of all the fast and furious movies. I also felt a little nervous getting in a car with someone else driving after the movie becuase i know that if i was behind the wheel that that stress response may lead me to having a little bit of a heavy foot on the drive back to campus.


Stress management


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Baseball Reigonals


Next week the baseball team will leave for the reigonal  tournament and this has caused many problems with its conflict with exam week. Being a student athlete at the college level is new for me and balancing the two has been anything but easy. This conflict has crammed more work into a shorter time span and has made this week full of anxiety for me. I have had to stay up late to do work almost every night this week and when i do go to sleep i cant sleep worrying i havent given myself enough time to finish my assignments. NCAA Reigonals has said to been a once in a lifetime expirience but for some it has at least posed the question is all of it worth it.  We even have had one student leave the team becuase he was so concerned about doing poorly on his exams. Practices have been different this week and while coach understands we have to get ready for our exams, it’s his job to prepare us for this reigonal. One good thing about our exams being moved up is that after reigonals we can go home. I know that if i just take it one assignment at a time that ill get through it. Exam week is stressful enough i just couldnt have imagined this stressful.

Stress and relationships

        Stress is something that we see as internal and though it affects how we feel it may also affect how others around us feel. When we are under a great deal of stress we tend to be antisocial or passive around those they normally are happy and open around. So this bothers them and they feel as though they dont matter when really they are unaware they are acting the way they are. When we stress we neglect even the ones we love. When stressed we fail to realize the importance of certain things to others. I remember one instance of this. It was may of my Junior year in high school and my first year of prom was looming i had a playoff baseball game that saturday and prom was that same night. i was so stressed about the arrangements for prom and preparing for my big game that i didnt realize that sunday was mothers day and i had forget to get a gift or card. The card or gift was not what was most important to my mom it was that i was thinking of her on her day. i ran out late that sunday morning to pick up a card but it was late. I let the stress i was under take control of my whole state of mind and was not thinking of how important this was to my mother. I try to make an effort to show appreciation for my mom any chance i can especially now that i am rarely home and am away at college.

Stress and Misplacement

      Many times when we are in a rush or have a lot on our minds we tend to not pay attention to small details. For me one of those small details that i forget is where i place things. This causes me stress even when the item is not of great personal value. When I misplace something personally valuable such as my keys, my phone, or my wallet i feel great levels of stress and anxiety. Just this morning i misplaced my wallet which of course holds my debit cards, my liscence and my swipe. I racked my brain and searched everywhere but couldn’t find it. When i had given up all hope i headed back to my dorm. When i got outside my dorm I ran into a guy who told me he had found my wallet on the ground near my car. He lived in the same dorm that i did so he let me in the dorm and told me that he had put my wallet on my dresser. I was so relieved that i had my wallet again. I had been so stressed over misplacing my wallet that it was after 230 and i wasn’t hungry, even though i hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast. Though i was relieved to now have my wallet back, i still felt uneasy. This was because my stress response was so great that it was going to take me time to come back down from that. I know by putting forth a conscious effort to keep track of my stuff I can most avoid situations like these, but sometimes they are unavoidable.

Stress and Sex

   Stress and sex are two things that are interrelated or have an effect on each other. Stress has an effect on low libido. The existence of a healthy sex life can be a great stress reliever. Studies have shown that physical affection or sexual behavior with a partner significantly lowered negative mood swings and stress. I would have to believe the validity of that study in that whenever i had those things in my life i felt more at ease and was most of the time happy. Sex also was found to immediately lower baseline blood pressures. It was also found that sex can have a positive impact on cortisol levels and heart rate. I believe that sex is a workout when it is passionate and that workout releases endorphins and can improve physical shape. Personally being in good physical shape boosts my confidence which then has a positive effect on developing relationships.

Macons blog 2/28

Baseball has been a big part of my life since as long as i can remember. On a normal day i will have baseball, whether we have a game or just practice it can cause stress. I associate this with both acute physical stress as well as acute psychological stress. Whether im at the plate or in the field, having a ritual or routine before every pitch is thrown can help me relax. Something as simple as taking a deep breath when at the plate, or tapping my glove when in the field, are good relief exercises. I believe that positive self talk  and confidence are the best ways to counteract phsychogical stressors in baseball. Baseball is a mental game as much as it is a physical one so again its important to deal with them, and not tense up. By relaxing your muscles you allow them to be faster. Relaxed muscles also allow muscle memory to more effectively take over. The more muscle memory takes over for me the better i normally play.

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