While we all have pretty much agreed on a few certain things that help us all relax from different stressors, two examples being music and exercise. But there is another thing that I want to add to the list: driving. While this is clearly not a good idea for those emotional drivers who might cuase an accident if they are emotionally compromised and completely stressed out while on the road, it can be perfectly calming for those who can keep it under control. I have  a 5 hour drive back home and while I don’t go home very often becuase of it, I look forward to the drive simply becuase it means that I just have those 5 hours to relax, listen to my music, and not have to worry myself about a ton of different deadlines that I have. Furthremore, one of my friends jsut goes out on a drive when he just can’t seem to study. With exams coming up and having to review a ton of material, he just goes out on a drive. He takes his ipod along, and just takes turns whereever he feels like it, sometimes getting himself completely lost.

 Then, when he feels like he should go back and thinks he can finally focus, he’ll turn on his GPS and come on back to campus. Being able to physically get himself away from the problem is definatley theraputic for him and helps him deal with the overwhelming feeling of studying for his tests or whatever he has on his mind. So, while not reccomended for those who arn’t necessarily the most cautious of drivers when they are stressed, watching the road flow by under you is yet another potential method for helping your stress.


Facebook in Moderation

We have all heard the hype about Facebook and what it can do to our social skills. But do people ever stop to think about the ways that it can actually help us?

Besides allowing us to chat with our friends who we don’t get to see, it does a couple other things as well. First of all allowing us to keep in touch with our friends allows us to extend our social capital and social support system. Personally, I can think of many friends off the top of my head who I know I can speak to just about anything who have known me for many years and who I deeply trust. If it were not for Facebook, I would not be able to stay as close to these friends and be able to keep up as easily as we do. Second, Facebook statuses are a form of our own personal outlet. If we are too shy to let something out for the world to see, there are plenty of ways to express our emotions through what we post without putting it in clear words. We are still able to use this outlet if other popular outlets such as exercise, talking face to face, or other of our favorite outlets. Furthermore, we can also see when friends are having a hard time and need help of their own. So while we may spend a little too much time online instead of in the real world, Facebook does have its benefits. All that is needed is moderation. We have to know when to distance ourselves, but we shouldn’t necessarily cut ourselves off completely.

Fear: Useful or Incapacitating?


Fear. We all pretty much think of fear as a bad thing, but sometimes it can be good. It motivates us to change and it also challenges us to grow and face what it is that we fear. When we get scared and our body responds, our breathing quickens, heart races, adrenaline sprints through our body to prepare us for the lion that might be chasing us. We have learned how after time this response, if repeating over and over will put our body through large amounts of stress breaking its homostasis. Therefore, we have our initial incentive to face our fear and not let our emotions run rampant. After talking about our personalities and how we react to differnt stressors in class, it seems how we deal with fear is one of the most important traits. At one point, we discussed the moment where, in moments of extreme concentration and/or fear, everything just seems to melt away. in these moments of perfect clarity, everything is perfect. We can do everything perfectly and our minds are focused and balanced. For example, in the Karate Kid, there is a moment where he has to put away his pain and focus completely on his opponent.

 These moments of clarification would be useful in pretty much ever aspect of our lives, but for those of us who have experienced them, we know that such moments are rare. But they are what we strive towards in concentration. That moment of perfection is what every athlete wants to have whether it be by scoring the perfect goal past your opponent’s hands, or executing the perfect, graceful dance move on skates. Our fear can help us focus to this. If we can put it aside and take control of our minds in moments where we might fall apart, we can get one step closer to not only experiencing these moments, but using these moments to build our characters.

A Vicious Circle or the Perfect Intricate Link?

We worry a lot about our weight. The way people look today is one of the most important things for our first impressions. It can make a difference about whether or not you get that job or if the cute guy you are eyeing will come and talk to you. As such, there are weight loss plans and fads everywhere. Commercials come on every few minutes and happy skinny people cover the ad images online. Fads go on and on and change as new studies reveal better and faster ways to lose weight. Now, where everyone knew about the Special K Diet, we now have the Acai Berry Diet. However, what is most important and effective is simply eating healthy and getting a lot of sleep. We have learned now that as we stress all the time, overall, most people put on weight due to various reasons, extra eating, stress inhibition of proper digestion, and less activity. Nevertheless, we now know that sleep helps us lose weight too. As we have just learned, sleep helps your body rejuvenate and make its systems more efficient by allowing them time to rest and restore themselves. So, not only will you better digest the food you eat so it can be used as energy instead of fat, you will be more energetic throughout your day which will naturally burn fat as you move around. Instead of sitting around, you will get bored and want to go outside in the now warming weather and just go do something. Whether it means simply going outside to sunbathe, you will be laughing more and hanging out with your friends, burning calories all the way and being healthier.  So do we really need to be stringent on everything we eat? While moderation helps, being healthier comes not only from dieting, but also from better health overall. So, the next time you decide to stay up late just because you don’t feel like going to sleep just yet, remember, you won’t only feel better the next morning, you’ll be healthier at the same time.

What Do We Do When We Can’t Sleep?

So, as I am working on my case study, I’m thinking about the times that I haven’t been able to sleep. I have more than one friend who is an insomniac and hates it.

Insomnia Image

Sheep Image

 They both become even more stressed when they can’t sleep and have tried all different manners of remedies to fix the problem, but none of them seem to work. So, my question is, what do you do when all else fails and you just cannot seem to fall asleep. If you have tried everything you can think of, and yet nothing seems to work. You read a book, you meditated, and you even tried counting those stupid sheep that dance elusively in front of you across the inside of your eyelids. For me, I know I am a bookworm. I love losing myself into a good book and escaping into whatever land I find myself in. Generally, that will relax me enough that I can fall asleep with no problem after a little while of just sitting and relaxing in my bed. But what do other people do? I know there are few people who loves books like I do, so what is your remedy? Do you listen to music on your iPod and just think? Do you get on Facebook and see who else is still up at whatever ungodly hour you are awake? Do you play a game that helps you to focus on just that one thing and not the rest of the stressors of your everyday life? Or, do you just lie there, while the sheep mock your efforts, and wait until sleep finally comes to you?

Color Combination Therapy and Emotions

The idea started as I was thinking about how when we get mad, we envision a calm scene such as mountains or a serene lake to relax ourselves. From there, that made me think about our reactions to different colors. Blue, such as in the calming lake scene, is usually a very relaxing color. Other brighter colors, like red or orange are usually associated with anger or fire. Since it is finally becoming spring and the weather is warmer, I also thought about how people get depressed and feel cooped up during the winter. This is because there is very little color in the world around us and everything seems grey and drab. So, when I found this website: http://www.therapycolor.com/ I got really interested in the idea that, “When disease or injury disturbs the vibration and energy of an organ or area of our body, applying the associated color frequency can restore the body to health”. It continues to say that the different colors produce different hormones which are secreted throughout our bodies. So, I suppose the next time someone is feeling sad, give them something red, orange, yellow or pink to cheer them up. It makes sense that we associate different colors with different moods and use different hormones when we see these colors, but the idea that we can actually use the different colors for therapy or to help autism and dyslexia is something new to me.

(the links on lake and color are the pictures)

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