Humor to settle the STRESS!!

Lately I have been overly stressed with school work, and basically everything going on has began to stress me out. Tonight I was pretty stressed worried about my final exams coming up and decided to take a break from studying and begin to unwind a little bit from my educational life. When unwinding I started watching a show called Workaholics which is a very humorous show on comedy central.  On this show they portray people that are very lackadaisical  and dont enjoy their work. They begin to work together and then they decide to take drugs. While on these drugs they act like complete idiots and dont do anything right. They hallucinate and worry about everything going on within the office. Back to the point of my stress level…

Over the time period of 30 minutes of watching this show I began to laugh and be back to being happy and stressless. This created a much better working environment within my room, and I honestly just had to blog about it because I 1)needed to and, 2) thought it was pretty interesting that 30 minutes can do that to your stress level. I knew stress was normally a short-time period stressor yet I did not know it was that short.

        I personally thought that comedy made you temporarily happy, but did not know 30 minutes of laughter can result in hours of happiness. I am normally a happy person that does not receive to much stress, but it still feels good to be happy after having a good laugh.

What are some of your shows that change your mood?


No cell phone… No Stress

This week I have been working without my phone, and it has been one of the best weeks of my life this year. I have been able to complete tasks without having any interruptions of buzzing cell phones, and drama filled text messages. When on this week long journey I started out in the library. While in the library I completed the work that would have taken me 4 hours, in a senseless two hours. Some people text while in class… I would never do that! But I cannot imagine who can have a conversation through text messages and concentrate on the information being presented in class. This still astonishes me to this day how some people are able to multi-task like that. Now back to my story of being phonelesss….

While being phone-less I completed many more tasks than I would have in the real world with a cell phone. I went fishing while cell-less, and on the journey I had the most relaxing time ever. We went fishing in the North Anna river located right up route 1. When fishing me and my friend Jay Crawford actually had a very relaxing day of fishing. We only had to wear bathing suits, and had the best time cause we weighted through the water to get to the fishing spots. When fishing i felt the sand at my feet, and the flowing water up to my knees. I could not be in a better place than i was that day. The thing that got me really excited about the whole entire trip was the second fish I caught. The fish was caught in a certain area that was right below a water fall. The water fall created a sound that is the most relaxing sound I have ever heard. The fish put up a tough fight, and it took me a while to get in, approximately five minutes. When I finally got the fish near my feet I quickly realized this thing was about 5 inches long. What i thought was a foot long fish on the end of my line, was simply a near minow. The fish put up a large fight for his size. “Its not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”

Living life without a phone for several days has been the most relaxing time of my life, and if my parents were not forcing me to buy another phone, I would rather not have a phone, and stay relaxed throughout exam week. Living without a phone has been the best time of my life, I wish technology had not grown large enough to create personal telephones.

The Relief of Music

Some emotions are created through the sounds and vibrations of music. Different types of music create different responses through the body, which in turn create your physical response. Today when stressed from the amount of school work due today I began listening to some slow songs, which had a good beat. Before listening the songs I felt as though I wanted to punch something cause the amount of stress that had been built up within me. After listening to Bob Marley and a local band called Pressing Strings, I became more calm and felt the weight begin to lift off of my shoulders. One song, Puerto Rico was about the Beach and how relaxing it was. “Who wants to see the Seven Colors of the Sea”, which really made me think about summer and how much I wanted to see the “seven colors of the Sea”. These simple lyrics can make one person become calm within minutes, which is really a quite amazing feature. It is very interesting how stress can simply be lifted (or it feels) off the body through lyrics, and a beat of a song.

On the other hand, music can also make someone want to break someones head. This type of music is called Heavy Metal. And yes, this music can make the ordinary person go crazy. Im not talking bad about Heavy Metal music, I personally listen to it during certain times before games. But I cannot listen to it every day because it makes me want to go crazy. When this music plays it includes a lot of screaming, and head banging. The screaming really gets peoples blood pumping, and makes them want to fight. For instance, at the heavy metal concerts most have a “mosh pit” which is just a circle of people fighting, tackling, and bumping into each other. The mosh pit is built up through the beat of the music, and some people can become seriously injured through the mosh pit. People still enjoy listening to this music, and bumping into each other. This really shows two shades of how music can affect your personality. Music can make you happy, sad, mad, energetic, or make you want to kill someone.

Spring Break Fun

Many people had an extraordinary time during their spring break. Some may have gone to mexico, while others visited their families. No matter what you were doing, either keg stands in the keys or sleeping in your own bed for a week you most likely had a wonderful time that was what seems to me as a stress free vacation from work, and drama. This is not the way spring break went on for many people that had to unfortunately stay on campus due to athletics.

Many people see this as the normal spring break, which by the way looks like the best time ever compared to what we had to do. Most of our spring break was occupied by lacrosse practice everyday, eating team dinners, and then doing the entire thing again the next day. Which by the way was miserable, because it included a lot of running, and yelling. We had to work really hard, although it was nice to have breaks without class. Most of us would have wanted to have other people around to be able to say hi to while walking to class, and hangout with outside of practice. Over the spring break we had a couple of arguments amongst our team, which was provoked by yelling at each other on the field. All of the drama was created through stress, and not being able to go to Mexico, or the Keys. The stress also somehow brought us back together in the end, and the Saturday before returning we played one of the best games yet, and we played together as a team.

I believe that all the yelling helped us become a team again, and play together, and trust every single person on the team to make the right play. When one person made a bad play, another helped him get back up from that play. The stress was caused because of one of the largest games of the year, and it resulted in one of our best games yet. This stress can actually be helpful in bringing a team together again.

Lacrosse Stress

Through sports is one way for some one to relieve their stress, and others are going for long jogs, reading, or writing in their blog. People like me use sports to divert their stress. Personally I use lacrosse to deal with the daily stress that is put onto my body. When using sports to divert your stress you need to remember how to contain your emotions sometimes. Yesterday during lacrosse practice I had a rough day, due to pop quizzes and reciting a speech. During practice I let my emotions get the best of me and play a vital role in the game of lacrosse. When playing my teammate Joseph Liberto was carrying the ball up the field. When he was carrying the ball I released my anger and hit him with my stick as hard as I possibly could, and then hit him with my body. Thankfully Joseph was not injured in any way. After practice I apologized to Joseph as any person should do. He thankfully accepted my apology. 

Like many sports, lacrosse is a physical game, and when people become frustrated this game can turn violent. A lacrosse stick can be viewed as a weapon. From this experience I learned how to control my emotions properly.

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