Adrenaline booster, Stress Reducer

It’s hot summers day, you wake up early to beat the crowds, as your standing in line peering up at the flips and turns and the 205 foot drop not only are the riders screaming but your insides are acting as if they are a passenger at that exact moment. Every inch the line moves up makes you want to turn and run away in nervousness but for some reason you can’t get the strength to walk away. Finally it’s your turn to step into the cart, the same cart you keep replaying in your mind that drops from the sky, but again you can’t muster up the strength to turn back now. As the cart pulls away from the loading zone your heart is racing your hands are sweating and every worst case scenario keeps playing over and over in your head.

The wait to ride a Roller coaster seems to be stressful but in this article it explains that engaging in exciting activities like riding a roller coaster releases eustress which is a happy kind of stress that keeps us feeling alive. There are some people who can’t get the right amount of eustress from just riding roller coaster they have to participate in a higher thrill like sky diving. These types of people would be called adrenaline junkies.


Blankies are’nt just for babies

I was thinking about something stressful to blog about and as I was brain storming I asked myself what one thing that helps me manage my stress is. I couldn’t think of anything of the top of my head so I asked my roommate if she noticed anything in particular I turn to, to manage stress and she immediately yelled “Blanky”.

I know this sounds dumb but I still have a baby blanket I sleep with every night. As I became more interested in this weird obsession with a baby blanket I’ve had my whole life, I started to look it up on the internet. It’s not just me, and I’m not crazy! Having a teddy bear or baby blanket is extremely normal even at this age. Not only did I research this I also asked my friends, turns out almost all of them have some security object whether it’s a blanket, teddy bear, or baby jacket. One friend admitted she still sucks her thumb, I thought that was a little much but I guess whatever makes her happy.

I found an article that explains a child’s obsessions with her baby blankets. After reading it made me realize I depend on my blanket for comfort. After a stressful day I’ll get in bed and wrap up in my blankey. That article also says for parents to allow their children to grow out of the blanket phase but I’m 19 years old and I have yet to grow out of it along with a bunch of my friends.

Eat the stress away

Whenever I become extremely stressed out I have a strong craving for chocolate. I didn’t know if this craving was normal while under stress so I decided to do some research. I found a lot of information explaining that chocolate is really good to eat to reduce stress. You’d think that eating chocolate would make everything worse but studies have shown that eating dark chocolate when you’re stressed can help lower stress hormones. Research showed that eating one dark chocolate candy bar for two weeks reduced stress cortisol levels just as well as the fight or flight hormones also known as catechlamines.

Stress in Children

I found an interesting article on stress in adolescents and how stress is causing “stress headaches”. Three quarters of adolescents experience stress headaches. These headaches are caused from tension in the neck because children in our society tend to be lazy. Sitting in front of the TV, computer, or video games too are causing tension in their necks. Some children with more than 15 stressed induced headaches a month will be diagnosed with chronic tension headaches. Family doctors will want to begin treatment for these headaches they first want to stop or limit the source of the neck tension, by limiting computer, TV, and video game usage. Then they will prescribe over the counter medicines. This article to me is shocking! The fact that kids these days are becoming more and more lazy is effecting there health at an even younger age.

Laugh it Off

Have you ever heard someone say to you when something goes wrong, “just laugh it off”?  Well studies have shown that laughter is one of the best medicines, making a stressful problem seem less stressful.  We all know when our friends do something funny like trip in Estes in front of everyone eating we are all going to laugh at them , even if we are stressing over a speech that day or three papers to write before your eight am the next following day. Laughter is a distraction that makes a stressful problem disappear.


Not only does laughter make us feel happy but it also reduces the level of stress hormones in our bodies for example epinephrine, and adrenaline, laughter also makes us releases endorphins which are hormones that help build our immune system.  Having a sense of humor can not only keep yourself less stressed and healthier but your smile can be contagious influencing other to also laugh and be happy.  So the next time you’re having a bad day and your stressed to the max, sit back and laugh it off it will make you feel better

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