Youtube as a stress relief?

Is anyone like me and just sitting around bored and goes to youtube? I love going to youtube and just finding random videos that mkae me laugh. Once I get going I can’t stop. I find that if my day is just slow and not very exciting that youtube helps me feel better. I am a strong believer that laughing is a great medicine. If you are laughing then you feel better about how things are going in your life. I share most of the videos with my friends. The videos that I find most everyone loves. My choices in videos have recieved so much attention that I even have a list of friends on facebook that have asked me to send them videos. I feel that they enjoy them and it makes their days just a little bit better. I know that Jordon in our class is on that list and we have a blast sharing funny videos. So if your ever have a down day go to youtube and type in anything and you’ll find something shortly. If you can’t just ask me and I’ll find something in my random brain for ya to laugh at.

Sorry for the language but maybe this will help everyone with their finals my gift to yall.


Stress management Assignment #22

One of my main outlets for my stress is exercise. I do play football and have that contributes to much of my health, but I like to also be active in other physical activities. One of the exercises that I enjoy other than football and weightlifting is golfing.
I have played football since I was in sixth grade. My dad has been a high school football coach since before I was even born so I guess it was destined for me to play football. Football has always been for me. The spring before my ninth grade year I started lifting weights. A close friend of mine and I would get picked up from the middle school, drive over to the high school and lift there. I had my dad there coaching me. Yes I was lifting for football but I also enjoyed it. I felt good lifting and always had my friends there with me so it was a time to connect with them.
When I got into high school I started all four years in football. I had a blast playing football in high school. Early in high school I was also playing baseball in the spring. After my freshman year I stopped because I had hurt my shoulder playing football and it kept me from playing comfortably anymore. I could still play football and play through the pain. I still continued to lift but then I switched to running track in the spring. As you can see I enjoy physical activities. I’m glad to this day that I switched sports because it kept me active and health.
Going into my senior year of high school, my close friend and another invited me to go play golf with them. I had never really been interested in golf but I gave it a try. Of course my first time out I played terribly. I couldn’t tee off with my driver because it bothered my shoulder (that still hadn’t been fixed…..yet). After that I started playing more just to goof off and have fun with my friends.
After my freshman year of college I finally got surgery on my shoulder. It was just bothering me too much. It kept me from playing sports, lifting and doing many daily activities, but it was worth it to stop the pain. After I got the surgery I could play football with less pain, do a lot more lifts, and even play golf without pain.
I think that all of the activities that I participate in help relieve my stress. While playing football I am exercising and while I’m playing the rest of the world is dead. Nothing else matters while I’m lifting or playing except for what I’m doing right now. These activities also are a part of my social network. It would have been so much harder coming into college not knowing anyone especially being from Georgia. It helped me deal with that stressor in making friends so I wasn’t wondering around with one to talk to. Some also say that golf is a stressor, but not for me. Golf is a very technical game and that causes lots of stress for most. I on the other hand know that I’m not very good so I just go out work on my tan and have fun goofing off with my buddies. I think that these exercises help me deal with stress and are keys to my health.


End of the Year Stress

Does anyone else hate the end of school? Yeah school is almost over but there is so much stuff to do! We had to find roommates and pick rooms. I had the second pick out of the entire school and still didnt get the room I wanted. The school blocked off every corner room for girls(for those that don’t know and for future reference the corner rooms are bigger). So I got stuck in a room I ddint want, then they give me a week to fill out all these forms or get booted from my room. Up next we have to sign up for classes what we all know is controlled madness. After all of that then our professors forget that we have other classes and our tire lives run around their one class. Worst month ever!

Acne and stress

I’m sure by now we have all experienced at least one break out. Have you ever noticed that during finals or some other time of serious stress that we have a breakout? Well acne isn’t cause by stress, but stress can worsen the symptoms of your break out. “Stress not only affects acne flare-up, in general it worsens the overall skin condition. It induces the adrenal glands into overproduction of cortisol, a steroid, which in turn makes sebaceous glands produce more oil and make skin extra oily. This the reason why in stressful periods, people experiencing an increase in acne get more inflamed, pus-filled papules than simple white heads or blackheads.” Of course there are all kinds of medicines and creams that you can use to hopefully get rid of your acne, but now you know that most likely you can expect at least one blemish during a stressful time.

Knocked Silly

hitI don’t know if any of you have had a concussion but they suck. I have suffered from three concussions. My last concussion would have to be the worst of them all. My freshman year, I was playing in the game against Hampden Sydney, and on one play I took two hits to the head from two different players. After the play I went to the sidelines and felt a little dazed. I just shrugged it off as a football hit. My injury was much more serious than I thought. To this day I can’t tell you anything about that game other than what I have seen and been told. I didn’t know the score of the game until the next day. I finally went to the trainer and told her what I was feeling. After doing a test she told me I was in the red for a concussion. For almost two weeks I couldn’t do anything physical, and going to classes was probably the hardest thing. I could focus in class. I found myself staring off into space all the time. The concussion has effected my life even to this day. I find that I have to try even harder to focus in class. Before the concussion I could study fairly easy, but now I have to study longer to make sure I have the information. I don’t think I have a learning dissability from the concussion, but I think it has effected my memory to a certain extent.

Tobacco Use

dippingI know that there was a blog about tobacco use but I feel like i have more to say then just a comment. Me personally I “dip” tobacco. For anyone that doesn’t know that is smokeless, the one ya see folks with a lump in their mouth spitting. I started back in high school as a social habit. I can’t stand the smell of smoke so I don’t do both. But over the time being here at RMC I have found myself using dip more when I am studying and need to focus. I’ve also noticed me doing this while I’m driving home for 9 hours. Yes the studies say that I’m doing it to return my body to homeostasis, but I don’t find myself using tobacco for stress relief, but just to focus and get work done.

Nighty Night

Have you ever just laid awake trying to sleep and found your self not being able to and just sitting there looking at the ceiling? Recently i have found myself doing this more frequently. My busy schedule this semester has me going all over the place. I am up by 7 a.m on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays I am up by 6 a.m. Many would think that i would pass out after such a long day but I have found that I have being staying up not being able to sleep being worried about the next day and what I have to do. I’m getting alomst six hours of sleep everyday and that just isn’t enough. According to a survery 26% of women report trouble sleeping atleast once a week compared to the 16% of men. I guess I’m just in that 16%”

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