Got a Guilty Feeling?

While recently talking to a friend about some of her personal situations and the choices she had made, I have to wonder how is she able to proceed with her day knowing that she did something very wrong? I know that when I do something I know is wrong, my conscience eats at me until I finally cannot stand it any longer!  Thinking back on some things I have done that made me feel guilty, I get knot in my stomach, I feel paranoid as though everyone around me knows that I did something bad. Sometimes, certain situations involve other people, like lying to them, going behind their backs, or doing something you know this person would not appreciate. In some instances you do not even have to know to the person that you are affecting, like cheating spouses. The “other woman” or “other man” may not have any idea who their partners real spouse is but they may still feel badly for what they have done to that person.  Having this weight on your chest can cause some stress and become a distraction to your everyday life.  Guitly consciences can cause you to become distracted from things in your life that should be your top priority, like school work, it can also cause you to lose sleep which can be a stresssor.  I found a website that lists ways to ease one’s stress, and number eight stands out particularly.  “Guilt robs us of our peace.” Such a true statement!

The figure in the picture appears to be chained & holding something heavy, maybe an action they feel guilty for? If he were to release the guilt he would also be released of the pressure.



I am sure that everyone is experiencing some sort of stress relating to end of the year projects, papers, other assignments, and especially exams! Until today I thought that I had a pretty good schedule organized for the upcoming week in relation to when assignments are due, studying for exams next week, and tying up other loose ends involving my academics; however, after making a “to-do list” of everything, I am freaking out! I have a paper and speech outline due Wednesday, our case study due Thursday, and my FYEC research project due Friday…so much to do in so little time! On top of all the assignments I have to complete, I’m dreading packing up everything to go home, having to leave friends that I have become so close with, although in the end it will all be worth it, because summer vacation will finally be here.  College students everywhere are experiencing the same stressors we are, and some how most of them make it, just like all of us will!  On this website it provides 10 Ways to Manage Stress in College. I found this to be helpful, andd give me hope that I will survive this week, and the next with out dying.

Don’t be the guy in this picture! Get plenty of rest, you perform better when you are well rested. Don’t overdose on Starbucks (even though Randolph-Macon students receive a 15% discount all next week) because too much caffeine isn’t healthy. So, good luck, you can do this!

Keeping Up with College life

As students in college, we have the responsibilities to balance academics, social life, as well as living on our own. Many people believe that it is hard to balance it all, but we make it possible. A very common situation amongst college students is finding time to do homework while also being able to spend time with friends. It is  important to have priorities in line, for example, making sure that your school work is completed before you participate in a social activity or something else that may distract you from what is really important.

Personally, my feelings on a stressing college life is finding time to fit everything into my hectic schedule. I feel that there are not enough hours in the day to complete every task that I need to.  My largest issue is the school portion of college life. I take 4 classes and I usually have some sort of homework in each class, some having more work then others.  Although I do find the time for all of my school work, I do wish that I was able to devote more time.  My desire to devote more time to my academics ties into my wants to have time for social events, like hanging out with friends on weekend nights, rather then being in the library completeing homework.

The photo above depicts the feelings of college students everywhere, and this is especially common around exam time.  You may notice that the girl has many books to study from, it may be assumed that she is drinking coffee, as an aid in trying to stay awake so she can study more.

Another common college stressor is sleep loss. Many students experience the loss of  sleep due to studying, homework, maybe doing laundry, and trying to keep an active social life.  We are told to avoid all night study sessions and/or cramming, avoid all night parties, and do not mix alcohol and sleep, as alcohol acts as a sedative and has negative effects on one’s sleep cycle.

Below, is a link to a website that “unravels the truth” about college student’s stresses,


Recently, as in today, I realized how much time I spend on my cell phone, and how lost I feel without it.  This morning I woke up and my phone was off, and it would not turn on, so I took it to the store in hopes that it would be repaired.  Then, the lady said the most dreadful words, “we cannot fix it, but we can send you a replacement by Wednesday.”  My jaw hit the floor.

I currently feel completely lost without my cell phone, without a constant connection to others. While thinking about how sad I am that I am phoneless, I also began to think of how sad it is that I am having these feelings over a cell phone.  The current and upcoming generations are so hooked on cell phones and other technologies, what would we have done 20 years ago when cell phones were not as neccessary?  When walking around campus you can see many students texting or talking on their cell phones while walking to and from classes. I know that I am one of those students who is constantly on their phone, without it I feel naked.

My blog post relates to an earlier posts “Texting Away the Present,” and “Disconnected.” When I read these blogs I thought “yeah that’s true, but I could live with out my phone if I wanted to…;” however, now that I am actually living without my phone I feel lost. It is going to be a very long next 4-5 days. This photo  depicts how cell phones enter lives early on. While whining about my phone being broken my 9 year old cousin said, “I haven’t had a cell phone for 9 years, I’m pretty sure you’ll live a few days with out it.”

Go for a Run, Relieve some Stress!

Going to the gym may be seem to be inconvient for some people, as college students have incredibly hectic schedules, but research supports the idea that exercise is a great stress relief. Have you ever had a bad day, and been completely stressed out over something? I know that I have had similar experiences of being very stressed out or worried about something, but after a trip to the Brock I always feel as though a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. The Mayo Clinic Staff says, “Being active can boost your feel-good endorphins and distract you from dailey worries.”  The video below is quite informative about how exactly exercise helps to relieve stress.
Dava Money, the speaker in the video, explains that if we exercise on a regular basis that we may reach homeostatis much quicker so that the chemicals become balanced much faster. Also, if we exercise we are removing toxins from our body, a process of natural cleansing. Excercise also helps to improve self esteem which helps us to deal with stress better, and allowing a better nights sleep.


Video link:

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