Building Stress

I have noticed, as I am sure others have, that in the last couple of weeks a buildup of stress has occurred. As a constant procrastinator it would seem that I have almost no worries the entire semester until either the end, in most classes, or at the drawing due date of a large assignment, much like the one approaching tomorrow. Does anyone else carry out their schoolwork like this? I find that if something is not due within a very short period then it simply will not be done until either it is due or perhaps not at all. Unfortunately, for my health, this results in a terrible buildup of stress in that period leading up to the end. I suppose I am simply wondering if it would be better to balance the stress throughout the semester and feel awful the entire time or just proceed as I do and deal with the hurdles as they approach. Interestingly enough my method works fine almost every class except for this one and another from the previous semester. It is hard for me to get in the same mindset as a final for group work or other assignments. In high school it did not seem to matter, but then again group work was not as big of deal. Stress works as a personal motivator and it simply cannot be generated mid-semester, for me anyway.


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