Surgery stress

I feel that there is a lot of stress that can come from going through surgery. There is the anxious feeling that you get the couple days before you go to surgery, and then there is the stress that is added to your body by not being able to eat from 12 at night until after your surgery. I find this to be very hard to do since I like to eat a lot which often occurs between the hours of 12 and 1 in the morning. I think that the most stressful part of surgery is the recovering part of it. I hate not being able to do things on my own which makes recovering from a surgery even harder for me. I also do not like sitting around and watching people work out. A feeling of worthlessness comes over me has I think about how much I wish I could be running and jumping around.

Then there is the physical therapy you have to go through which adds more stress. Many of the exercises that you have to do in PT involve getting your range of motion back and strengthening your muscles around the surgery. So if you had surgery on your knee let’s say, you have to start bending it after you have been on crutches for about a week. You also have to do strengthening exercises on muscles that you have completely neglected because you have crutching around campus unable to walk. For this reason I feel that surgery adds a lot of stress into a person’s life.


The week before exam stress…

So now that I am a senior I feel that I can confidently say that I understand how a professor plans his or her class. However, I do not necessarily understand why they assign copious amounts of work the week prior to ‘finals week’. I know many students say that ‘finals week’ is the most stressful time of the semester but I tend to disagree. There is nothing more stressful than having two exams, two papers, and two presentations all due BEFORE having to start studying for finals. I always wonder what a professor’s rationale is for assigning an exam literally two or three days before the final. This year, my senior year, I feel as if it has been the most stressful of my undergraduate career. Not only do I have an excessive amount of studying to do and papers to write, but I also have to present on Research Day which is also immensely stressful as I have to discuss my research and results with my fellow classmates and professors. Do professors feel that assigning this much work before finals will make us LESS stressed during actual ‘finals week’?

Sudoku as a stress reliever?

For the past couple of days I have been under a lot of stress whether it’s from trying to find a job for next year, schoolwork, or helping out coaching the football team. I have recently found myself playing a lot of sudoku, on my new phone, to relieve my stress. I have not been able to put my finger on the exact reason that sudoku relieves my stress, I mean there are many possible reasons. It could be that the amusement of trying to solve a puzzle helps me relax and forget about the things that were causing me to be stressed out. It could also be the sense of accomplishment that I receive after I complete a level in a new personal best time or I complete a puzzle without making a mistake. Both of these are possible reasons why sudoku may be helping me relieve stress, but what I do know is that as long as playing sudoku helps me from being stressed out, the more I am going to continue playing it.

Coaching stress

Since I have been an athlete my entire life I have always thought that they player has it worse then the coach. I always believed that as a player your life was more stressful then a coach’s life. Well I am helping out coaching the football team during spring practices and have found out that coaching isn’t as easy as it seems. First off there are more players then there are coaches so making sure every player’s technique is right is virtually impossible. Second the amount of teaching that is involved in being a coach is massive. You have to basically be able know everything there is to know about the position you are coaching in order for your players to understand you and for you to be able to answer any questions they have. There is also a lot more preparation that coaches have to go through that some players do not even realize. I know for football the coaches go through hundreds of opponent’s films to create game plans so that we have an idea of what plays the other team is going to run on Saturday. Coaches also create the practice schedule so that the players will be prepared for the upcoming game. They do all of this while they are also recruiting high school players to try and come attend our school. So I have quickly figured out that being a coach isn’t as easy as I thought it sounded.

One cheeseburger too many

plate size changes

Ever had that feeling that you were so hungry that you could eat just about anything and when you eat, you eat everything and not longer have that satisfying feeling anymore, instead you almost feel sick.  I was contemplating this as we talked about the movie Supersize me.  In that movie there were many instances where he would eat a meal and McDonalds and would not feel “happy.”  Can food control our emotions?  I know that there have been times when I have eaten a little too much of something (example being a McDonald’s cheeseburgers) and then immediately afterwards I wish that I had never seen a cheeseburger before in my life.  This low feeling that many people experience has been thought to come from the hormones that many companies put into their foods.  But I would also like to propose another idea to everybody.  I think that this low feeling is coming from the amount of food that we are eating.  I know that personally when I eat more than my stomach can handle, I just want to lie down and not move a muscle.  For this reason I think that we need to start looking at the amount of food we are eating and what is causing us to eat so much.  Many of the restaurants that we go to do not give us one single serving of food, they in fact give us multiple servings. I feel that this is due to the fact that the plates we eat on have grown. We do not like to see empty space and what has happened is that as plates have grown so have the amount of food that we eat.  I feel that this is one of the reasons behind the rise of obesity in our country, portion control.  If we started to look at the portions we are eating and controlled the portions our children are eating I think that we could attempt to halt the rise of obesity in our country.  What do you think??

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