All Nighter.

We all know we have done it at least once or twice, staying up all night. Whether it’s been for fun or for school, it never seems to pay off in the long run. With exams coming up I’m sure everyone is trying to plan ahead but it always seems that when you think you finally have everything under control you remember that paper you forgot about that’s due tomorrow, and its midnight and you were just about to get in bed and get a good nights rest. I was recently talking to some of my hall mates who could relate to the situation above. I decided to ask them whether they think they are able to get more work done in the middle of the night because everyone else is asleep and there are no distractions or if their exhaustion takes over and they can’t finish their work. It seemed to be pretty 50-50, some people said they were able to get more work done if they had planned to stay up all night, instead of being forced to stay up all night writing the paper they forgot about. On the other hand, some people said once they had told themselves they could relax for the night that it was hard to turn their “academic brain” back on and that they had to go to bed, in order to function the next day. I personally am on the side that is able to get a lot of work done during the middle of the night because there are no distractions because everyone else is asleep. But like I said before as college students it is bound to happen to us at least once or twice.,r:2,s:46&biw=1117&bih=610


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  1. 1 carimalakoff May 16, 2011 at 8:36 pm

    In almost finishing my four years of college, I have never been able to pull an all-nighter. When the night gets later, I am unable to focus and pay attention to my studies as much as earlier in the day. Instead of staying up late in which I know I will not be able to focus and study to the best of my ability, I wake up early in the morning in order to study. By waking up early, I feel my brain is “fresh” and ready to go.

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