Assignment 22: Exercise as a Stress Manager

There are many ways to manage stress, and exercise is the one that I choose most.  Exercising relieves stress phenomenally.  Whenever I am feeling stressed out with way too much school work or other things going on, I like to go to the gym and lift weights.  Often times, when I have a lot on my plate, I get very frustrated and have a lot of stored up energy.  There is no better way, for me personally, to relieve this stress than to lift.  Even if I am tired, once I get in the gym and get into my workout, I instantly begin to feel better.  The affects afterwards are amazing.  Even if I still have a lot of work to do, in general I just feel better about everything and it is easier to sit back down and do my work.  Even if I just go to the gym and run or swim for 15 minutes, I feel so much better.  As Zapolsky says on page 401, besides generally making you feel better and improving one’s mood, exercise is beneficial for various reasons.  It decreases the risk of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases and when this happens, it becomes much harder for stress to get worse.  Zapolsky also writes that there is some evidence that exercise “makes for a smaller stress-response to various psychological stressors.”  One key to exercise being a stress reliever is that you actually have to want to exercise.  If you are negative about exercising the entire time that you are exercising, it will not be very affective and will most likely be a waste of time.  In fact, if this is the case, it can make stress worse.  Zapolsky also says that exercise should be a regular thing but you should not exercise too much because you can over work your body (Zapolsky 401-402).  I did some additional research and found that according to Active Living Research 2007, (, academic performance is enhanced when exercise is present.  They compared two groups of students with one group receiving exercise and on one group simply being in class all day.  The group that exercised all had the same or higher scores, with the majority of their scores increasing.  They were higher than the group who did not exercise.  Here is a video of me on youtube putting up huge weights…just kidding it is John Cena, professional wrestler and actor but the video goes through different exercises and how to do them.


3 Responses to “Assignment 22: Exercise as a Stress Manager”

  1. 1 rmb2 May 9, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    Whenever I personally have a lot of work to do I prefer to run or play basketball or something along those lines. I feel as though when i run the work comes easier to me when I sit down at my computer. When running I have the ability to think about what I am going to write on a paper, or what I have already learned while studying. Exercising in some terms is another way for me to study, or write a paper. I can constantly think about work while running, and have the ability to get a “runners high” and continue to go for a while which helps bring more ideas to the table while running.

    For me excercising helps me in every way possible to better myself for work. No matter if I think about what im going to write or study, or if I just run with music. When i get back home and shower, I am ready to get to work once I get to my desk, and cant wait to finish the paper or study exam. Running overall helps me finish all the work I have to complete for school

  2. 2 carimalakoff May 10, 2011 at 12:25 am

    I also exercise and go to the gym when I am feeling stressed. Sometimes it is a push for me to go when stressed because I feel I should be working on the paper or studying for the exam that is due the next day that is stressing me out, but in the end I know that the hour or so I have at the gym will help relieve my stress and help clear my mind. While exercising, I am able to free my mind from my stress and helps put me more at ease. After exercising, I also feel more energetic and less tired than before. Similar to the comment above, I also know that once I come back from exercising, and am done showering, I know I am also ready to get to work and feel more ready to tackle whatever is stressing me out. For me, exercising is a great way to relieve my stress.

  3. 3 treyh43 May 12, 2011 at 12:14 am

    I think that exercising if a perfect stress reliever. But as off recently I have had to turn to other ways of releiving stress since I recently had surgery. I have found that other activities may help reduce stress, but personally I think that excerising is the best way to relieve stress.

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