Depression and Counseling


This year, counseling has been the reason that I have made so much improvement in dealing with stress and depression. Without going to counseling I don’t think that I would have been able to start learning how to cope with the symptoms of depression.
Not only has going to counseling taught me how to cope, seeing a counselor has made me understand what changes I need to make in my life to make me a more mentally and emotionally stable person. In February, I had a bit of an emotional breakdown. I had never felt that depressed and hopeless in my life. It felt as if I had no control over my state of being. I really had no idea how to recover from this breakdown. However, I did recover because of the help of my counselor, who I have been seeing every week since February. I have made a huge amount of progress. I’m being more social and getting out of my room more. I don’t mope around the way that I did last year. Even though I have made progress, I still have much more to improve upon. For instance, even though I am being more social, I tend to sleep when I don’t have anything to do or anyone to hang out with. It hard for me to go out and do something on my own. I’ve always hated going places or doing things by myself, but I feel that being ok with being alone is part of growing up. This is one aspect of my life that doesn’t necessarily have to do with depression, but is still an important issue in becoming an adult.
While people may think that you only go to counseling if you have serious mental problems, marital problems or etc, going to counseling can help anyone, no matter their mental state. I think that everyone should visit a counselor atleast once in their lives. It may make more of a difference then you think.


1 Response to “Depression and Counseling”

  1. 1 alilogue May 16, 2011 at 12:28 am

    i agree that you can go for any reason. i have never been but i do believe that you should be able to go for any reason because it can make a huge difference in your life. but i also think that when you want to sleep, instead go outside, do something, go to the gym, hang with friends, do something better then sitting in these little rooms that no one likes.. you got to try something new.

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