Dance as a Stress Reliever, Not Just a Hobbie

We have all talked about the importance of managing our stress. We have also talked about the may ways in which you can manage stress including activities such as meditation, exercise, yoga, and therapy. But what about using our everyday hobbies as a way to relieve stress? Before I came to college I was heavily involved with dancing; especially ballet. Whether I went to the studio and practiced for 30 minutes or hours at a time I considered my own personal quiet time. It was a time where I could forget about the everyday stressors and just focus all my energy on concentrating on my technique. In addition, dance functioned much like exercising and although it was stressful on the body in the end I always felt much better. It always seemed that after a practice session I felt more centered and read to take on the rest of the days challenges. I was able to relax and focus better, as well. However, I never really realized that dance was such a stress reliever for me until I came to college and never had time to dance. 4 years later I still have not stepped foot in a dance studio and I can honestly say that dealing with my stress has been a challenge because of it. So I guess the larger picture is that if you are unsure of how to manage your stress and intimidated by new methods, look that the hobbies that are already in your everyday life. You never know what might be a useful resource!



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