Hypnosis as a Form of Stress Management.

Assignment #22: Stress Management

As a way to relieve stress, I have always been interested in hypnosis and how that works with the brain. Ever since a hypnotist came to RMC last year, I have been thinking about it and wondering if it actually works or if he is just really good at making people think that something occured that they are not aware of.  After that little event, my friends and I wanted to try and renact what we saw, so we tried self hypnosis with videos on youtube.  We found that these videos dont actually hypnotise you the way that an actual hypnotist could, but I definitely felt more relaxed after the videos.  Self hypnosis works in two ways; it can help trigger a relaxed state and ease tension, and you can also use it for a healthy lifestyle change.  For example, one can hypnotise themselves into sticking with a  new exercise program, or into keeping their house clean.  New healthy lifestyles can decrease the amount of stress in one’ life.  Also,  one can use hypnosis to get over any unhealthy activities as well, such as smoking, that often came about from being stressesd out.  According to Sapolsky, this would be an effective stress management technique because it helps focus all of your positive energy to try and just relax.  Once we are relaxeed, tensions are relieved and stress has a way of melting off or atleast being subdued for the time being.  This video was one of the videos that my friends and I watched as we tried to perform self hypnosis.



4 Responses to “Hypnosis as a Form of Stress Management.”

  1. 1 katemaddox May 9, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    Interesting! One of my English professor’s from my high school was a trained hypnotist. He used to work his ‘magic’ on his students sometimes (permission required, of course). I took a whole course on it. It was so interesting. It seemed to work on some people. For me, I think I wasn’t really relaxed enough and I let my thoughts wander…so I never really felt any of the effects. However, I have heard that it can be dangerous – when people cannot get out of a hypnotic trance. It is important to know that you are in the hands of someone who has studied and practiced this relaxation method extensively. The mind is a powerful thing!

  2. 2 danielledheron May 9, 2011 at 11:18 pm

    To be honest I am completely terrified of hypnosis! The idea of being able to get into someone’s brain that way and have a level of control over their behavior is just a really radical idea in my mind. I agree that it is important to know that you are in safe hands. I personally would never submit myself to hypnosis.

  3. 3 carleymclellon May 10, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    This is so interesting! I would love to go under hypnosis. I would be a little worried about having someone having control over me but i think it would be worth it.

  4. 4 kristenlyon May 10, 2011 at 9:31 pm

    I’m with Danielle; hypnosis freaks me out! Dr. Resnick is a trained psychotherapist and told me a little about hypnosis. Interestingly, he said that people who don’t believe if hypnosis and refuse to physically allow it to happen will not experience it. It is all in the mind. This doesn’t mean that anyone can hypnotize another if they want it but to me it is more interesting that it is all in the mind rather than under the control of another. He said while he was in training he had to prove that he was capable of performing the procedure. He told his client that he would poke her in the arm and when he did so it would feel as though she was being burned by a stick. When she came out of hypnosis, she had a burn mark on her arm where he poked her! This is more evidence suggesting that it is all in the mind and dependent on how suggestive people are.

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