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Action Packed Movies


This past friday night a couple of the baseball guys decided that we should go out and see a movie. That movie was the New Fast and Furious also know as Fast Five. I had not seen more then two of these movies and i dont think any of them from beginning to end. Going in to the movie i did not expect quite the magnitude of the adrenaline rush i would get during the movie and the excitement and the rush id feel after the movie had ended. This is how these action movies end up making sequels its the hype that they can generate. People will go to their local movie theatre and spend 10 bucks to see the next film hoping to get that same endorphin release that that got in the previous film. For guys there isnt anything that interests us more than fast cars, money, and women and this has been a part of all the fast and furious movies. I also felt a little nervous getting in a car with someone else driving after the movie becuase i know that if i was behind the wheel that that stress response may lead me to having a little bit of a heavy foot on the drive back to campus.


The Most Stressful

So we have learned a lot about stress this semester. We have been blogging about stressors and stress relief, and we all have seen stressful experiences people have been through. Knowing that this class is coming to an end, I was looking over posts and thinking about all the stress people face. This made me wonder what would top the list of the most stressful things that people faced. I thought to myself for a while, and kind of constructed my own list with the obvious things, like: school, a job, a relationship, death, and driving. What stressors do you face the most? If you made a list of the most stressful things, what would be on the list? After doing some research, I found a list of the top 10 most stressful things in life:
1. Divorce / Breakup
2. Bereavement
3. Losing job
4. Wedding planning
5. Work
6. Kids / Family
7. Debt
8. Commuting
9. Studying for exams
10. Pregnancy
Does anything on this list surprise you? The thing that stood out to me most was “kid/family”, because when I think about it, it is also a form of stress relief, especially for people like me, college students, who are away from home and dealing with stressful things, like exams and work, which are both on the list. Getting the chance to see or talk to my family usually brightens my day when I’m not feeling too well. If you had a chance to change this list, what alterations would you make?

The following sites contain different lists, take a look to see if these lists more accurately cover the most stressful life events:

Baseball Reigonals


Next week the baseball team will leave for the reigonal  tournament and this has caused many problems with its conflict with exam week. Being a student athlete at the college level is new for me and balancing the two has been anything but easy. This conflict has crammed more work into a shorter time span and has made this week full of anxiety for me. I have had to stay up late to do work almost every night this week and when i do go to sleep i cant sleep worrying i havent given myself enough time to finish my assignments. NCAA Reigonals has said to been a once in a lifetime expirience but for some it has at least posed the question is all of it worth it.  We even have had one student leave the team becuase he was so concerned about doing poorly on his exams. Practices have been different this week and while coach understands we have to get ready for our exams, it’s his job to prepare us for this reigonal. One good thing about our exams being moved up is that after reigonals we can go home. I know that if i just take it one assignment at a time that ill get through it. Exam week is stressful enough i just couldnt have imagined this stressful.

The Stress and Emotions of Moving

I have lived in two houses my whole life. The first one I wouldn’t consider because I don’t even remember it, I lived in that house till I was two years old. Once I turned two, we moved about a half a mile down the street from our old house and have been there ever since. For over a year now our house has been on the market and due to the awful economy I thought it would never sell. Well wasn’t I wrong!! I honestly don’t know any better than the house I live in now, it’s perfect to me. I am in walking distance of my best friends in the community; there is a beach, boats, golf course, tennis course, pools, and club houses. Our family is very close with a bunch of people in our community and I feel leaving is going to be very hard. I honestly never thought this day would come, but I was informed once I get out of college this year were out, as if I thought college wasn’t stressful enough, now I got to deal with a new environment and starting over with making new friends (which I know every person hates to do).

When I think about it, I try to think that I’m at college most of the year and I am not really living there, but it’s the true fact that it’s not going to be the same. Usually I am a person who likes change, but I feel like this change may flip my world upside down. Lately this is the only thing I have been thinking about because it’s all coming to an end and another change is coming my way. I guess I don’t know how to deal with it.

Stressing a Test

We all know how stressful it can be to take a test. Finals are next week – and just the thought of have to study this weekend can be stressful. You load up your backpack with books and binders and go to the library for a full day of cramming.

Take a moment and ask yourself: are finals really that helpful or are they useless? A student spends the entire year learning information – and throughout the semester is given tests, quizzes, and papers to regurgitate information. Shouldn’t that be enough? Let’s face it – any student who is studying for a final, is wrapping their head around “what grade might I receive?” Are we even understanding the concepts, facts, figures….or are we simply training our brain to memorize, without really grasping the idea behind it?

School should be about going beyond the material – asking ourselves, what IS the point of what i’m learning? I understand that grades are necessary…but I feel that professors should really think about how to help students not only learn and understand the material, but also find a way to help them remember it in years to come. If we can relate what we are learning in school – to real life, wouldn’t that be more effective? How can I grasp an idea by simply circling in A,B,C, or D? Why not make our final something hands on? Those are the things that I will remember later on in life, and in turn, will be able to teach my children.

On another note, in light of finals week….

Here are some tips to REDUCE your anxiety on test taking! Hope this helps! Happy studying, everyone! 🙂

The stress of Lying

Someone has recently blogged about the stress of feeling guilt. This reminds me of lying. The smallest of fibs can cause a person to feel tremendously guilty and to really beat up on themselves. Even exaggerating something seems to come back and haunt my mind because I think about why I did it and if it was necessary. It usually isn’t. I think about pathological liars; those who obsessively lie as if it does not affect them. My mom and I joke constantly about this girl who I went to high school with. She was known, and not a good one. Whenever her sentences ended in “ask anyone, even ask my dad”, I knew instantaneously that it was a lie. I mean, no one was going to go out of our way to ask her dad about something completely outrageous. She never looked anyone in the eye either. She was always looking up or around during conversations. People who incorporate lying into their daily lives are interesting, though, because I think they start to believe their own stories. Have you ever met people who you really think believe that their lies are the truth? The more a person lies the easier it is to do. Convincing people that something is true means a repetition of the story. The more they hear about it and discuss it, the more intricate detail they add. Eventually, these people think their lies are the truth. Most people are offended that people don’t believe them. They dislike that someone thinks they are lying, although they are. Maybe some of you don’t understand what I am getting at because you don’t know people who are pathological liars. There must be some mental impairment which is causing them to forget the truth and believe lies.

This is a youtube clip of Dane Cook (the comedian) on lying. I have seen it a million times (this is a lie, more like 5) and can’t get enough of it!

The week before exam stress…

So now that I am a senior I feel that I can confidently say that I understand how a professor plans his or her class. However, I do not necessarily understand why they assign copious amounts of work the week prior to ‘finals week’. I know many students say that ‘finals week’ is the most stressful time of the semester but I tend to disagree. There is nothing more stressful than having two exams, two papers, and two presentations all due BEFORE having to start studying for finals. I always wonder what a professor’s rationale is for assigning an exam literally two or three days before the final. This year, my senior year, I feel as if it has been the most stressful of my undergraduate career. Not only do I have an excessive amount of studying to do and papers to write, but I also have to present on Research Day which is also immensely stressful as I have to discuss my research and results with my fellow classmates and professors. Do professors feel that assigning this much work before finals will make us LESS stressed during actual ‘finals week’?

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