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Humor to settle the STRESS!!

Lately I have been overly stressed with school work, and basically everything going on has began to stress me out. Tonight I was pretty stressed worried about my final exams coming up and decided to take a break from studying and begin to unwind a little bit from my educational life. When unwinding I started watching a show called Workaholics which is a very humorous show on comedy central.  On this show they portray people that are very lackadaisical  and dont enjoy their work. They begin to work together and then they decide to take drugs. While on these drugs they act like complete idiots and dont do anything right. They hallucinate and worry about everything going on within the office. Back to the point of my stress level…

Over the time period of 30 minutes of watching this show I began to laugh and be back to being happy and stressless. This created a much better working environment within my room, and I honestly just had to blog about it because I 1)needed to and, 2) thought it was pretty interesting that 30 minutes can do that to your stress level. I knew stress was normally a short-time period stressor yet I did not know it was that short.

        I personally thought that comedy made you temporarily happy, but did not know 30 minutes of laughter can result in hours of happiness. I am normally a happy person that does not receive to much stress, but it still feels good to be happy after having a good laugh.

What are some of your shows that change your mood?


Surgery stress

I feel that there is a lot of stress that can come from going through surgery. There is the anxious feeling that you get the couple days before you go to surgery, and then there is the stress that is added to your body by not being able to eat from 12 at night until after your surgery. I find this to be very hard to do since I like to eat a lot which often occurs between the hours of 12 and 1 in the morning. I think that the most stressful part of surgery is the recovering part of it. I hate not being able to do things on my own which makes recovering from a surgery even harder for me. I also do not like sitting around and watching people work out. A feeling of worthlessness comes over me has I think about how much I wish I could be running and jumping around.

Then there is the physical therapy you have to go through which adds more stress. Many of the exercises that you have to do in PT involve getting your range of motion back and strengthening your muscles around the surgery. So if you had surgery on your knee let’s say, you have to start bending it after you have been on crutches for about a week. You also have to do strengthening exercises on muscles that you have completely neglected because you have crutching around campus unable to walk. For this reason I feel that surgery adds a lot of stress into a person’s life.

Assignment #22: Stress management technique: Music Therapy

A stress technique that I have used before, is listening to music. I have always loved music since I was little. Music therapy uses musical elements – sound, rhythm, melody and harmony – to promote therapeutic objectives through music.

Music can affect your body in positive ways, as well. It is healthy for you, and makes you feel good about yourself overall. Music is also something that doesn’t take away any time from your busy schedule – you are able to put in an iPOD, listen to music while driving, or play music while you even do homework. It is important to choose the type of music that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Choosing music that others like, and forcing yourself to listen to it, might cause more stress. The rhythm or beat of a song triggers certain emotions. Even when we were in our mother’s womb- we were able to hear her heartbeat.

In doing extensive research I learned that given a piece of music produces in the physiological response system many unexpected things. Music helps you focus, and concentrate. It can stimulate brain waves that go along with the beat. Faster beats many bring a sharper focus and more alert thinking, while a slower tempo may promote a calm, meditative mood. With a positive state of mind, music provides beneficial effects. It lowers blood pressure, and with that – could reduce the risk of heart attacks over time. It can also boost your immune system.

Here is some background on Music Therapy and how music can change your life – even cure illnesses.—Can-Music-Cure-Illness-Disease-and-Disorders-Is-Music-Therapeutic-Medicine-for-Improving-Health/Page1.html

According to Sapolsky’s, Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers, I find that even Music Therapy can be an effective technique connected with several concepts that are mentioned in his book. Sapolsky talks about Meditation on page 402. “Meditation seems to be pretty good for your health, decreasing glucocorticoid levels, sympathetic tone, and all the bad stuff that too much of either can cause.” Involving music into your meditation routine, is a great way to incorporate various stress management techniques with music into one. Sapolsky notes that there are a lot of different kinds of meditation – so why not try incorporating music?

Sapolsky also talks about Stress and Pain in chapter 9.  Music, can certainly be a pain reliever. When the brain hears something it likes – a sensory emotion – it reacts to it in a positive way. Distracting yourself from the pain you feel, often makes the pain not as bad. Music Therapy can channel your brain into focusing on the sounds, rhythms, and beats – rather than the pain that your body feels.

Stress management


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Stress management Assignment #22

One of my main outlets for my stress is exercise. I do play football and have that contributes to much of my health, but I like to also be active in other physical activities. One of the exercises that I enjoy other than football and weightlifting is golfing.
I have played football since I was in sixth grade. My dad has been a high school football coach since before I was even born so I guess it was destined for me to play football. Football has always been for me. The spring before my ninth grade year I started lifting weights. A close friend of mine and I would get picked up from the middle school, drive over to the high school and lift there. I had my dad there coaching me. Yes I was lifting for football but I also enjoyed it. I felt good lifting and always had my friends there with me so it was a time to connect with them.
When I got into high school I started all four years in football. I had a blast playing football in high school. Early in high school I was also playing baseball in the spring. After my freshman year I stopped because I had hurt my shoulder playing football and it kept me from playing comfortably anymore. I could still play football and play through the pain. I still continued to lift but then I switched to running track in the spring. As you can see I enjoy physical activities. I’m glad to this day that I switched sports because it kept me active and health.
Going into my senior year of high school, my close friend and another invited me to go play golf with them. I had never really been interested in golf but I gave it a try. Of course my first time out I played terribly. I couldn’t tee off with my driver because it bothered my shoulder (that still hadn’t been fixed…..yet). After that I started playing more just to goof off and have fun with my friends.
After my freshman year of college I finally got surgery on my shoulder. It was just bothering me too much. It kept me from playing sports, lifting and doing many daily activities, but it was worth it to stop the pain. After I got the surgery I could play football with less pain, do a lot more lifts, and even play golf without pain.
I think that all of the activities that I participate in help relieve my stress. While playing football I am exercising and while I’m playing the rest of the world is dead. Nothing else matters while I’m lifting or playing except for what I’m doing right now. These activities also are a part of my social network. It would have been so much harder coming into college not knowing anyone especially being from Georgia. It helped me deal with that stressor in making friends so I wasn’t wondering around with one to talk to. Some also say that golf is a stressor, but not for me. Golf is a very technical game and that causes lots of stress for most. I on the other hand know that I’m not very good so I just go out work on my tan and have fun goofing off with my buddies. I think that these exercises help me deal with stress and are keys to my health.


Baseball Reigonals


Next week the baseball team will leave for the reigonal  tournament and this has caused many problems with its conflict with exam week. Being a student athlete at the college level is new for me and balancing the two has been anything but easy. This conflict has crammed more work into a shorter time span and has made this week full of anxiety for me. I have had to stay up late to do work almost every night this week and when i do go to sleep i cant sleep worrying i havent given myself enough time to finish my assignments. NCAA Reigonals has said to been a once in a lifetime expirience but for some it has at least posed the question is all of it worth it.  We even have had one student leave the team becuase he was so concerned about doing poorly on his exams. Practices have been different this week and while coach understands we have to get ready for our exams, it’s his job to prepare us for this reigonal. One good thing about our exams being moved up is that after reigonals we can go home. I know that if i just take it one assignment at a time that ill get through it. Exam week is stressful enough i just couldnt have imagined this stressful.

Year-round school

      In a recent CNN article it was being discussed whether or not school should run year-round.  This was brought on by America’s low ranks of 14th in reading, 17th in science and 25th in math out of 34 nation and nonnational region.  This study was down by the Program for International Student Assessment.  From the opinion of the author it seems that  “U.S. students are no longer ready to compete against the world’s brightest”.  Only 8 out of the 34 nations that participated in the study have a lower high school graduation rate than the United States.

     To fight this “declining” intelligence some think it would be good to have year round school since America has one of the shortest school years of only 180 days.  So by getting rid of the summer break they belive we could increase our rank.  It was also studied and discovered that during the course of the summer about 1 months worth of information is lost and has to be retaught the next year.  So it seems logical to just do away with summer break and have year round school.

    This problem needs to be fixed, but not by getting rid of summer break.  Summer break is when kids can be kids and have fun and enjoy life.  You can’t take that away from them because if you did they would be going to school for around 8 years straight with little chance to experience life.  Now that may be a little extreme because they will have periodic breaks just like they do now to get away from school.  By taking summer break away kids will just become agitated and won’ want to go to school.  School will become something that they hate and this would be counterproductive because if they hate school why would they try to do good in it.  

      We would also instilling the “knowing that” instead of the”knowing how” that Crawford talks about.  From out discussion in class it seemed that “knowing how” was more important, so why facilitate ‘knowing that”.  Most of my “know how” comes from personal experiences away from school.

     Teachers may not even want to work during the summers.  If they did they will want to be paid more and god forbid we pay teachers a reasonable salary for their work.  It may even push people away from being teachers because they lose one of the great benefits of being a teacher, summer break.  Teachers also need a break from the chaos of school and they would lose that.

    Students would also lose the real-world experiences that come from summer break like having a job or making decisions by yourselves, etc.  They would lose part of the growing up experience that they will need once they graduate from high school or college.  Without it they will just be lost in the world.

   All the blame can’t be put on the students.  The teachers and the system need to take their share of the blame since they are the ones that teach the students and if the students aren’t doing well than maybe the system isn’t working very well either.

      I have my opinions about year-long school and would like to hear your opinions.  For more information visit:

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