Stress management Video for doing Yoga

I think there are many stress techniques that i could use that would be beneficial. I have different ways that i get my mind off the stressor that im feeling at the time. Most of those things are things are already things i like to do like playing video games or exercise but there is on exercise that would be cool to try for stress management. That technique that would be cool to try would be yoga. i know my mom used to do or still does it and i feel like even if i know a few exercises it would benefit me. I think that people in busy jobs or fast pace life styles use yoga and i think its false that Yoga is primarily only done by women. Also by doing yoga i would improve my flexibility for baseball and could only benefit me. Yoga is all about deep controlled breathing and breathing has been said to be life itself.


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  1. 1 rmb2 May 17, 2011 at 12:33 pm

    I had to do yoga back in highschool for my lacrosse team. We would do it three times a week throughout the entire season, and honestly it really benefited us on and off the field. Off the field we were more relaxed and able to handle stress better. On the field we were more flexible and more agile. Which made it a harder accomplishment for another team to beat us.

    Some kids on that team still to this day do yoga to help stress and athletics. Personally… i stopped right after the season.

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