Lab Practical

Has anyone had that one test that they studied so much for because you knew it was going to be one of the hardest exams of your life?  Well that is what I have been doing all semester in my anatomy class.  It has brought the most stress to me throughout the whole academic school year.  Not only did I just have a unit exam Tuesday for it, but I just had my lab practical which is an exam that tests everything you have learned and experimented with throughtout all semesters labs.  There were so many things I had to study for in order to feel like I had a good enough grasp on the material.  I think I did alright on it, but that does not mean that I am going to stop stressing about it now that it is over.  I know that I should just so that I can focus all of my energy onto finals week,  but until I get my grade on the exam I will stress and worry about it.  Have you ever still stressed about something exceedingly even though the actual task itself is over?


Hypnosis as a Form of Stress Management.

Assignment #22: Stress Management

As a way to relieve stress, I have always been interested in hypnosis and how that works with the brain. Ever since a hypnotist came to RMC last year, I have been thinking about it and wondering if it actually works or if he is just really good at making people think that something occured that they are not aware of.  After that little event, my friends and I wanted to try and renact what we saw, so we tried self hypnosis with videos on youtube.  We found that these videos dont actually hypnotise you the way that an actual hypnotist could, but I definitely felt more relaxed after the videos.  Self hypnosis works in two ways; it can help trigger a relaxed state and ease tension, and you can also use it for a healthy lifestyle change.  For example, one can hypnotise themselves into sticking with a  new exercise program, or into keeping their house clean.  New healthy lifestyles can decrease the amount of stress in one’ life.  Also,  one can use hypnosis to get over any unhealthy activities as well, such as smoking, that often came about from being stressesd out.  According to Sapolsky, this would be an effective stress management technique because it helps focus all of your positive energy to try and just relax.  Once we are relaxeed, tensions are relieved and stress has a way of melting off or atleast being subdued for the time being.  This video was one of the videos that my friends and I watched as we tried to perform self hypnosis.

Scheduling Scheduling Scheduling…

I think everyone has some comment to make about the scheduling classes for the new semester.  This by far is the most stressful thing, I think, about this school.  With determining when students are aloud to sign up based on classes taken and how many credits you have received, it can be quite the confusing and stressfuil process.  It takes me about 5 hours to look at mymaconweb and determine which classes I am interested in.  Once I start looking, I cannot stop.  After using about a whole notebook to write down all the potential times and classes I can cram into my day and those 5 hours, I know that I am still not done.  Then there are the meetings with advisors which always freak me out.  I go into the meeting knowing what I want to take and having a pretty solid grasp on the classes I need for my major and minors.  That’s when I find out that I am in all the wrong classes, I’m falling behind, I failed this class so now I have to wait to sign up with freshman, and my whole world falls apart in those 30 minutes.  Then of course, life goals come up, like what I want to do after Macon and how I need to do it.  That’s what brings about weeks of stressing out about my entire life.  Even after signing up for classes, I still can’t stop stressing because I think about my classes, how I think I will do in them, am I doing too much, too little?  This is when I just need to step back, call my mom, have a break down, and then breathe because I know everything will work itself out. 

Here is a link for tips on student time management…

Sick For Class? DON’T DO IT!

Im sure many of you can completely agree with this title of this blog.  Especially for upper level classes that are for your major, it is impossible to miss class.  Not only is it a terrible idea because it puts you behond academically, but it puts you behind with the professor.  I know many professors out there will say that you get two or so free misses and it won’t count off for your grade; however, we all know that it is kept in the back of their heads who has missed and who has never missed a class at all.  For example, in my anatomy and physiology class, 6 people were absent for class the other day.  My professor emailed all of is, even those who were in class, a wanted poster for the people who had missed that day.  Also, the other day in my lab my professor came up to me and asked if I had missed any classes.  I replied no and he answered back with a sigh of relief and a very firm, “good”.  Although the syllabus says there is a free day to miss if you are on your death bed, everyone knows that if you want to stay on his good side, you better attend every single class and make sure he knows that you are there.  Not being able to miss classes is extremely stressfuli; when I know that I’m sick and I have an important class that day, I start to freak out because I know I should go to the class but if I’m sick than it does me no good.  This sends me in another loop of stress which doesn’t make me feel better and actually makes me even more sick. causing me to potentially miss more days.  Basically, if you’re sick, you better suck it up and go to class or there will be more consequences than just not feeling well for a day. 

This is the email that my professor sent all of us…

View Wanted Po...jpg in slide show

When school work turns harder than finals week

These past two weeks I think have been the most stressful few weeks so far this semester and last semester.  I have had 3 exams that I have to study for as well as papers, and of course this case study that I put off until, unfortunately, the last minute.  The blogs alone are a tad hard to think about and take time to write, and when someone like me puts it off until the last possible moment, it is extremely stressful.  Not only is it stressful, but it is scary when the time is ticking away and you have a test the next day as well as those two papers that are sitting in your binder underneath your bed.  I have been very stressed during finals week; however, when I have an overload of assignments due the same day and only have a week to do everything, plus lacrosse, I get even more freaked out.  Once I start freaking out, my stress level increases even more, which continues a vicious cycle of stress and freaking out.  I found this video on youtube that helps with stress and maintaining my level of freaking out.


Do you remember the DARE program when you were in elementary school?  Well, do you remember the promises we all made to not do drugs, not have an attitude, respect yourself, and educate yourself?  Think about those things we said and the thoughts that went on in our heads compared to now when we are in college and those pressures are all around.  I remember singing the dare song and talking to my dare officer about how I would never be pressured into doing drugs or drinking alcohol.  Now, those pressures are in our everyday life.  Even if peers aren’t trying to persuade us to do something, the temptations are always there to drink on the weekends, or for some, to smoke.  It is very stressful thinking about those different pressures and the lengths younger kids have to go through in order to stay away from those things.  In highschool especially was when those things started coming up even more, and pressures increased.  It is definitely interesting to think about how stress was different when we were in dare in elementary school, compared to now in college.

The DARE song:

Sex and Stress

There has been research done that sex can actually reduce stress.  From this website that I found, research has been found primarily in women and data has definitely shown a direct correlation between sex the night before and a decrease in stress levels the next day.  It was found that women after having a sexual experience, they have a lower blood pressure when they come across stressful situations like public speaking.  Also, while using cortisol levels as a measure of stress, they found that these levels decrease after intercourse with a partner.  Not only can sex have an impact on scientific stress and levels, but also on the mood of people.  Sex can make someone in a better mood, which makes them less stressed.

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