Need to Manage your Stress? Try Pilates!

There are many different ways that people can manage stress.  Sapolsky says that to cope with your stress there are: outlets for frustration, increase control, social support, religious affiliation, choosing the right strategy at the right time, and to finally get started!  Regular exercise such as pilates is a great way to release stress and frustration.  Pilates is a physical fitness system founded by a German man, Joseph Pilates.  This form of exercise is all about strengthening the core and using the mind to control the body and its muscles.

I am in a pilates class now in the Brock Center and it seriously is so helpful in releasing stress.  I take this class twice a week in the from 2pm-3pm.  This is the time of day usually when I’m just finishing classes really stressed out and look forward to it because I know how relaxing it is going to be.  However, even though Pilates is quite frequently confused with Yoga, I believe that Pilates is much more of a work out.  Many small exercises are done to tone and strengthen muscles, along with a series of stretches in between.  Yoga is more stretching than a conditioning routine.  Sometimes in my class at the end of our conditioning work out we lay in the dark, close our eyes, breathe, and stretch.  The instructor gives directions all in complete detail which is very relaxing because your mind and body work together to make sure that you feel every specific movement that you are going through.  For example: one specific work out is the spine stretch where you “lower one vertebrae at a time, articulating the spine.”  As you do this you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and when you’re finished relax.  Whenever I am go through each specific movement and motion I feel my body and muscles working, and breathing along with the exercise I feel much more relaxed, than with a regular work out.

If you are not a big gym-goer, I suggest trying pilates!  Don’t wait to do it, get started now!!  The Pilates exercise is very convenient because you can go to  without leaving your room to go to the gym.  Here is a video I found with a great Pilates work out that you should try NOW!  I promise, it’s worth it 🙂


5 Responses to “Need to Manage your Stress? Try Pilates!”

  1. 1 Kate May 9, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    I absolutely loved pilates when I took the class at Macon. I loved how it was a combination of relaxing poses, but also worked your core strength. I noticed after a few weeks of it that I felt better about myself and was much more energetic throughout the day. I recommend pilates to anyone who is looking for a change in their workout routine!

  2. 2 klew23 May 9, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    It surprised me that this workout was created by a guy. I personally have never seriously tried pilates, but I’m sure it works just as good if not better than lifting weights, etc. I think this is a form of stress relief that most males overlook. I know I certainly do.

  3. 3 danielledheron May 9, 2011 at 11:12 pm

    I took a joint yoga and pilates class here at Macon and I absolutely loved it! Although, I have always worked out for the health benefits it was always a chore and not something that I enjoyed. Pilates was different though. I actually enjoyed the class and found it very relaxing. After doing pilates for awhile I realized I had a lot more energy and seemed overall less stressed. Sadly, I have not been able to make it to pilates classes recently but I would recommend that everyone try it at least once.

  4. 4 rmb2 May 9, 2011 at 11:23 pm

    I have personally never taken Pilates, and most likely never will in no offense to you! My mom takes pilates all the time and she always talks about it. She first tried to perform them in the basement by herself until the dogs started annoying her while doing the routine by either jumping on her, barking, growling, or biting her. She now goes to a gym and performs pilates, but she loves them so much. She talks about how relaxing these classes are, and it seems as though the class is a little bit of meditation in her life.

  5. 5 treyh43 May 12, 2011 at 12:20 am

    I have never taken a pilates class and have constantly wondered what the differnce between pilates and yoga was. I have taken yoga before and found it to be very relaxing. My brother and I took a class once and my brother found it so relaxing that he fell asleep during one of the breathing exercises. I found yoga to be relaxing but not that relaxing.

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