The Most Stressful

So we have learned a lot about stress this semester. We have been blogging about stressors and stress relief, and we all have seen stressful experiences people have been through. Knowing that this class is coming to an end, I was looking over posts and thinking about all the stress people face. This made me wonder what would top the list of the most stressful things that people faced. I thought to myself for a while, and kind of constructed my own list with the obvious things, like: school, a job, a relationship, death, and driving. What stressors do you face the most? If you made a list of the most stressful things, what would be on the list? After doing some research, I found a list of the top 10 most stressful things in life:
1. Divorce / Breakup
2. Bereavement
3. Losing job
4. Wedding planning
5. Work
6. Kids / Family
7. Debt
8. Commuting
9. Studying for exams
10. Pregnancy
Does anything on this list surprise you? The thing that stood out to me most was “kid/family”, because when I think about it, it is also a form of stress relief, especially for people like me, college students, who are away from home and dealing with stressful things, like exams and work, which are both on the list. Getting the chance to see or talk to my family usually brightens my day when I’m not feeling too well. If you had a chance to change this list, what alterations would you make?

The following sites contain different lists, take a look to see if these lists more accurately cover the most stressful life events:


1 Response to “The Most Stressful”

  1. 1 rmb2 May 17, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    I think studying for exams would be on the top of my list. You have to cram in your work at all times which really puts a damper on your body. The stress can make you sick easier than during the school year. Just recently my roommate who was stressing out from exams got the FLU!!! I cant imagine getting the flu a day before your exam. I just kept my distance from him and thank goodness did not get sick!

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