Library vs. Your Room?

With exams coming up soon, I have been spending a decent amount of time in the library because it seems like the studious thing to do. But I have noticed that I seem to not get as much work done in the library than I do in my own room. When I go to the library I usually go with a couple of friends, and we go sit upstairs in a group study room. It seems like the perfect situation to get a lot of work done in a timely manner, but I seem to get antsy about what else is going on outside of our study room. My friends call me crazy for saying I cannot get work done in that study room, but I can’t. Being in a secluded room makes me feel trapped and more stress to get my work done. Another problem I seem to have with the library is that it is too quiet for me, I am one of those people that need noise and action around them in able to study. Music doesn’t always help because I like to hear natural conversations between people and natural noises, that’s why I seem to get more work done in my room. Because I can hear people in the hall coming and going to and from class, conversing in the hall, I can hear the construction and I can get comfortable. I have yet to find someone with the same study habits as me so, that’s why I thought I would blog about it!


All Nighter.

We all know we have done it at least once or twice, staying up all night. Whether it’s been for fun or for school, it never seems to pay off in the long run. With exams coming up I’m sure everyone is trying to plan ahead but it always seems that when you think you finally have everything under control you remember that paper you forgot about that’s due tomorrow, and its midnight and you were just about to get in bed and get a good nights rest. I was recently talking to some of my hall mates who could relate to the situation above. I decided to ask them whether they think they are able to get more work done in the middle of the night because everyone else is asleep and there are no distractions or if their exhaustion takes over and they can’t finish their work. It seemed to be pretty 50-50, some people said they were able to get more work done if they had planned to stay up all night, instead of being forced to stay up all night writing the paper they forgot about. On the other hand, some people said once they had told themselves they could relax for the night that it was hard to turn their “academic brain” back on and that they had to go to bed, in order to function the next day. I personally am on the side that is able to get a lot of work done during the middle of the night because there are no distractions because everyone else is asleep. But like I said before as college students it is bound to happen to us at least once or twice.,r:2,s:46&biw=1117&bih=610

Do Tanning Beds Make People Feel As Good As The Real Sun?

Do tanning beds release the same endorphins that make people feel good like the real sun? The other day my good friend went tanning and when she came back she said “oh my goodness that was so relaxing” and that’s what made me wonder if tanning beds had the same affect on people as the sun. The two main things about the sun that make us feel good is vitamin D and the release of endorphins, which are the bodies natural drugs. A study has been done to test if tanning beds release vitamin D and it proved that it does, but it is obviously not advised to go to the tanning bed because it is so harmful to your skin. And another study has been done to see if it triggers your body to release endorphins and it was proven that it does that as well. The only negative side to tanning is that it is very bad for your skin and causes skin cancer, but it does improve your mood when used every once in a while.

Does Cleaning Relieve or Create Stress?

Have you ever walked in your room and just felt over whelmed or stressed? I know I have, I try to keep my room clean and my clothes put away but when I get busy with school it is hard to keep up, and everything gets messy. I have come to realize that if I am stressed in one aspect of life it usually leads to being stressed in general. When school stresses me out, I try to only focus on school but then I realize my laundry is over flowing, my trash needs to be taken out and my desk is a mess; which in turn makes me even more stressed. So, that made me wonder if cleaning can help me relieve my stress or if it would only create more stress?

When I was looking for the answer to my question I came across an article that said cleaning can relieve stress. The article gives many reasons how it can relieve stress, it says it provides relief from clutter because no one wants to walk in and not find a place to sit down and relax, it provides gratitude because when your room or house is clean you can fully appreciate it and look forward to go home, and meditation because when you clean your usually not with friends or anyone so you have some alone time to think and relax.

Stress is Not Always Bad.

So far in our class we have discussed the negative affects of stress on our body, but studies have been done to test if stress can be a good thing (in moderation) for people. The article “7 Ways Stress Can Actually Be Good for You” discusses seven aspects of stress that are positive. A couple of the positives are that stress can help you be more creative, help you get fit, and help you get a raise.

Stress can help you be more creative because when under pressure your mind races and creates more thoughts. Studies have been done to test this idea and psychologist Larina Kase says that when her mind is relaxed it had no reason to create new thoughts. So, stress causes her mind to take other paths and find new ways to accomplish certain tasks.

Stress can also help you get fit, research has been done to see what helps relieve stress and many people said working out was the most helpful. So, people with a constant stress in their life regularly workout, which allows them to get fit even when they are stressed out.

Lastly, stress can help you get a raise because the people that are most devoted to their job, put stress on themselves to perform at their full potential, which can cause lots of stress. When someone puts 110% effort in everyday it usually does not go unnoticed and hopefully would result in a raise.

In case anyone wants to read the other positives of stress here is the link!

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