While we all have pretty much agreed on a few certain things that help us all relax from different stressors, two examples being music and exercise. But there is another thing that I want to add to the list: driving. While this is clearly not a good idea for those emotional drivers who might cuase an accident if they are emotionally compromised and completely stressed out while on the road, it can be perfectly calming for those who can keep it under control. I have  a 5 hour drive back home and while I don’t go home very often becuase of it, I look forward to the drive simply becuase it means that I just have those 5 hours to relax, listen to my music, and not have to worry myself about a ton of different deadlines that I have. Furthremore, one of my friends jsut goes out on a drive when he just can’t seem to study. With exams coming up and having to review a ton of material, he just goes out on a drive. He takes his ipod along, and just takes turns whereever he feels like it, sometimes getting himself completely lost.

 Then, when he feels like he should go back and thinks he can finally focus, he’ll turn on his GPS and come on back to campus. Being able to physically get himself away from the problem is definatley theraputic for him and helps him deal with the overwhelming feeling of studying for his tests or whatever he has on his mind. So, while not reccomended for those who arn’t necessarily the most cautious of drivers when they are stressed, watching the road flow by under you is yet another potential method for helping your stress.


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