Baseball Reigonals


Next week the baseball team will leave for the reigonal  tournament and this has caused many problems with its conflict with exam week. Being a student athlete at the college level is new for me and balancing the two has been anything but easy. This conflict has crammed more work into a shorter time span and has made this week full of anxiety for me. I have had to stay up late to do work almost every night this week and when i do go to sleep i cant sleep worrying i havent given myself enough time to finish my assignments. NCAA Reigonals has said to been a once in a lifetime expirience but for some it has at least posed the question is all of it worth it.  We even have had one student leave the team becuase he was so concerned about doing poorly on his exams. Practices have been different this week and while coach understands we have to get ready for our exams, it’s his job to prepare us for this reigonal. One good thing about our exams being moved up is that after reigonals we can go home. I know that if i just take it one assignment at a time that ill get through it. Exam week is stressful enough i just couldnt have imagined this stressful.


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  1. 1 rmb2 May 17, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    This must be causing a tremendous amount of stress on your body, physically and mentally. Exams are bad enough, now you have to go through the NCAA tournament and exams all in the same week. I cant imagine the amount of stress that has been place on you guys. I hope you guys do really well and show them up. Goodluck!

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