Assignment #22: Boxing

A stress management technique that I would like to use is boxing. When I work out, I do the speed bag, which is a form of training for boxers. The speed bag is a great way to help relieve stress, because it is a form of exercise, which is a proven way to relieve stress. I am sure actual boxing is a lot more effective than the training. Because boxing is an obvious form of physical exercise and conditioning, it is good for the body in dealing with stress, according to Sapolsky. The author says exercise “lowers the blood pressure, lowers the resting heart rate, and increases lung capacity”, all of which are negatively affected by stress (395). Continuing with the fact that it is exercise, boxing will decrease the risk for multiple diseases, whether metabolic or cardiovascular (Sapolsky 401). Sapolsky says that this hinders stress’ ability to worsen diseases. Studies show that exercise improves your mood, which can only be good for a person dealing with a lot of stress. According to the author, your stress response system will activate in preparation for exercise, which lowers the tension caused by stress. In boxing, you make new social connections through trainers, competition, and supporters, which can help an individual form social support. While training, boxers often talk to their trainers. These conversations can be about a stressful situation the fighter is enduring or just a casual conversation that incurs laughter. During these conversations the boxer is getting these problems off his chest while simultaneously training, which can be considered social support and exercise, which Sapolsky writes are useful forms of stress management. According to Sapolsky, displacing frustration is a form of dealing with stress as well, for instance the rats gnawing rats. Humans boxing are similar to the stress-facing rats gnawing. Studies show that boxing is a controlled environment where one can work off built up adrenaline. Boxing fits into multiple categories that Sapolsky calls stress management, so it must be affective.

The following video illustrates how boxing can be exercise and social support:


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  1. 1 carimalakoff May 16, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    Instead of boxing, I have always wanted to try a kick-boxing class and also use a speeding bag in order to relieve stress.I have never used a speeding bag but I have always wanted to in which I feel it would help in relieving my stress while also allowing me to engage in exercise. I have heard and read about how kickboxing is a way to increase your stamina, flexibility, and strength while also helping to relieve tension and frustration. While I go to the gym to workout when I am stressed, I think kickboxing and boxing as well sounds like a great cardio workout that would not only help in reducing a person’s stress but also giving a beneficial work-out.

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