Weddings can be stressful, Royal or not

A day of moments to remember

The Royal Wedding has been all over the news the past week.  April 29, 2011 Prince William and Catherine were married in Westminster abbey.  The two had been engaged for ten years… talk about stressful!  Can you imagine how hard it must be to go from the average girl-next-door, to a princess then potentially a Queen?!  This is every girls’ dream, and Catherine has become the lucky one to have it come true.  The process of planning everything out and committing yourself to someone is a scary thing, especially if you are going to become royalty.  I definitely respect Catherine for her decision and taking so long to make sure she was making the right decision, and marrying William because she loved him, not just for the title.

Not only has this been a dream come true for her, but she has had her embarrassing moments.  During the wedding William was having some trouble putting on Catherine’s ring.  Below is a video of what exactly how much trouble he was having.  Can you imagine having people wake up all around the world at different times out of their normal sleeping patterns (like I know many of you did here) just to watch the wedding, and then have a moment like this happen.  This is something that will go down in history, and to have trouble putting on a ring I think is something I will never forget.


4 Responses to “Weddings can be stressful, Royal or not”

  1. 1 danielledheron May 9, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    I know that wedding planning and the life changing events of marriage can be extremely stressful for the average couple. I can only imagine that the stress of a royal wedding must be more extreme. As we can tell from the irratic behavior of many celebrities, that life in the spotlight is extremely stressful as is. Having a private moment (that is usually reserved for only close friends and families to observe) broadcasted around the world must just magnify that stress. The slip up with the rings simply reminds us that, royal or not, we are all human and we can all crack a little under stress.

  2. 2 french111 May 10, 2011 at 8:30 am

    An interesting thing that I heard about this on the news the next day, I didn’t whatch the wedding, was that stress may have been the culprit of the ring trouble. Since she was stressed and nervous her hands most likely swelled up making it harder to fit the ring onto her finger.

  3. 3 rmb2 May 10, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    I cant imagine having that happen at a wedding, that would be so embarrassing! Especially since the entire world is watching this royal wedding as you had said earlier. I can imagine that peoples body changes due to stress. I know my aunt at her wedding was covered in hives walking down the isle, and my mom said before she had left the changing room she was completely normal, with no hives. Stress can really do a number on physical appearance.

  4. 4 carleymclellon May 10, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    I have good family friends who are living in my town because they are military but they are from England. My friend came home from boarding school in England the week before the royal wedding and that was all she could talk about. I can’t imagine being a normal girl marrying a princess and all the stressful baggage that it comes with

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