The Stress of Losing (to Your Friends)

nullEver play a board game or videogame with a friend who if you lose to, they go out of their way to make it know that you lost and they won? This is a story about a game that happens to be both a board game and a videogame in one, yeah, Im talking about Mario Party for the N64. Three buddies and I had some free time to kill on Tuesday, and we had been talking about playing a game of Mario Party for the past few weeks. We were about to embark a journey that would ultimately result in one of us gloating until our next match. 

A quick background on the game rules: Each player rolls a dice, moves the appropriate spaces, and the after all 4 players have rolled, we play a Mini-game, which is usually a 4 player free-for-all game. There are other variations of mini games such as 2 vs 2, or 3 vs 1,  or 1 player games, all depending if players had landed on the red, green or Bowser spaces on the board during their turn. Depending on how one does in the mini game, they are rewarded coins, which can be used to purchase Stars. The player with the most stars and coins, in that order, is crowned the winner at the end. Example video:

When we got halfway through the game, 10/20 turns, an updated leaderboard was announced. I was winning with 3 stars and a fair amount of coins, Andrew was in second with 2 stars and a heafty amount of coins, Blake was in third with 1 star, and good ole’ Joeseph Haddon III, otherwise known as Trey, was in dead last with more coins than he knew what do do with but no stars. The game made a prediction that Trey would be the winner, and of course we all brushed this off. There was no chance that this kid was going to come back and beat us. Everything that could have gone wrong for Trey did in the first half of the game.null

However Trey, with his new-found inspiration decided that maybe it was time to start playing. Things slowly started looking up for Trey as he stole his first Star from me, then a few turn later purchased one of his own, putting him in second place with 2 stars. This is where his momentum starts to build, like a pheonix bursting from the ashes, Trey took over. He started winning almost every mini-game, collecting enough coins to steal another star. As the Final turn was approaching, both Trey (2 stars and 53 coins) and Andrew (3 Stars and 28 coins) were in position to get the final star and be claimed the winner. Well, of course with Trey’s new found luck, Andrew gets about all of his coins stolen, meaning that he cannot buy another star and put the game away. Trey needed a 4 to move forward enough spaces to buy a star and beat andrew, he rolls an 8. Trey pulls out a come behind victory which seemed impossible half way through the game. I finished in last by the way. Thank you Trey for stealing all my stuff.

Now, you are probably wondering what this stupid game (sorry, i’m bitter that I lost to him) has to do with stress. Well, I have came to the conclusion because Trey got on his hot streak, it put the pressure (stress) on me to keep the lead. He had nothing to lose, was playing lights out Mario Party. I felt the stress of having the game slip through my hands without being able to do anything about it, and then of course sitting in last place knowing there was no chance of coming back. We, and by we I mean myself, did not want to lose to Trey because we all know what type of a winner he is… he Slams the controller down and starts dancing in our faces, screaming in our faces that we suck and he is awesome as he throws his hands in the air and walks around the room in his funny bouce walk that he does.  Remember earlier when I was talking about that friend who will go out of his way to make sure you know you lost to him, that ladies and gentlemen is Trey Haddon when it comes to videogames. The text Trey sent me when I told him that I was writing about our Mario party game says, “make sure you include the stress you felt when you were in last place, the stress you felt having the game slip through your hands, the stress you felt as I made my final push for Victory!”


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