Stress and Helping Others

     Tonight my sociology class met outside of our normal class period to do something I think was extremely special.  We met with the Hanover ARC citizens for a night of fun and games.  The Hanover ARC is a group of fully functioning, mentally disabled adults in the area.  We all had an Easter egg hunt and we decorated Easter eggs together.  At first I was extremely nervous about what would happen, I didn’t want to say or do anything wrong.  However, as the night progressed I became more relaxed with the group.  Overall, I really enjoyed myself.  I noticed at one point that working and helping with others really seemed to lessen my stress level.  Once I got back to my room I looked up if stress level is affected by helping others.  I found this article and found it really interesting.  The stress level is lessened in both those helping and those receiving the help.


2 Responses to “Stress and Helping Others”

  1. 1 alilogue May 3, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    i think it is really nice that your took time away from your night to go help someone in need. i cant wait to become a paramedic so i can help people and change their lives just as you did that night..i bet you made those people so happy, which makes you have a different perspective on life, a better one.

  2. 2 alexleigh6 May 9, 2011 at 10:17 am

    One of the things I have learned in my general psychology class was emotion and motivation. The study of happiness was quite interesting, and one the things that helps with happiness is altruism. Helping others is a key way that we learned we need to obtain happiness. Being happy releases the same neurotransmitters that a stress management technique can have.

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