College Life and Stress

Well, here is a topic that we most certainly all can relate to: stress in college life.  One of the first stressors for many new college students is leaving home for the first time.  Now for some people, they cannot wait to leave but even those often come to realize home is pretty nice.  Many students have never lived away from there family for an extended period of time so homesickness sets in.  For others, they may not miss their family so much as their house.  I realized just how nice my house was when I moves into Starr Hall last year.  It was old and it was filthy.  I did not have my mother their to cook for me, I had to do my laundry and handle my money.  All things that never crossed my mind in high school.  And oh yea, I went from my own big room, to being crammed into a dorm room with my roommate. Not to mention the classes.  Randolph Macon is a demanding place with tough classes. How was I supposed to play soccer, go to class, and have my all important social life on top of all that?

Well, obviously it took a little adjusting and with time management, it has worked out pretty well for me.  This year I knew what to expect and it has been a lot of fun, yet still living in a dorm sucks.  I would not pick anybody else at this school to room with other than my current roommate, yet our hobbies still clash at time.  He sits and yells at his video games while I try to relax.  He stays up until three in the morning, while I try to go to bed at one.  Simple things like wanting to take a nap are sometimes impossible because of what your roommate is doing.  I love being on campus close to everything but having a nearby apartment would be nice.  How many of you experienced stress when you first moved into college?  Here are some tips on how to limit your stress in college, because there is really no way to eliminate it….the scary thing is it is only going to get harder!


2 Responses to “College Life and Stress”

  1. 1 maconheikes April 13, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    I feel like things that were advertised like the D.A.R.E program are good for kids. The things like drugs and alcohol that i didnt ever believe would be around me are easily accesible to me now. I believe its important to be responsible and realize whats important in college and thats being a student. its good to have fun and expierience new things you just cant let these things have a negative impact or effect on your life.

  2. 2 tdheikens April 14, 2011 at 7:49 pm

    I definitely agree that college life has way too many stressors and that Starr hall is a shanty. I also found the same inconveniences with college life mainly the lack of someone to do a lot of the day to day things for me (laundry). Somehow though I feel like this part of the experience.

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