The Relief of Music

Some emotions are created through the sounds and vibrations of music. Different types of music create different responses through the body, which in turn create your physical response. Today when stressed from the amount of school work due today I began listening to some slow songs, which had a good beat. Before listening the songs I felt as though I wanted to punch something cause the amount of stress that had been built up within me. After listening to Bob Marley and a local band called Pressing Strings, I became more calm and felt the weight begin to lift off of my shoulders. One song, Puerto Rico was about the Beach and how relaxing it was. “Who wants to see the Seven Colors of the Sea”, which really made me think about summer and how much I wanted to see the “seven colors of the Sea”. These simple lyrics can make one person become calm within minutes, which is really a quite amazing feature. It is very interesting how stress can simply be lifted (or it feels) off the body through lyrics, and a beat of a song.

On the other hand, music can also make someone want to break someones head. This type of music is called Heavy Metal. And yes, this music can make the ordinary person go crazy. Im not talking bad about Heavy Metal music, I personally listen to it during certain times before games. But I cannot listen to it every day because it makes me want to go crazy. When this music plays it includes a lot of screaming, and head banging. The screaming really gets peoples blood pumping, and makes them want to fight. For instance, at the heavy metal concerts most have a “mosh pit” which is just a circle of people fighting, tackling, and bumping into each other. The mosh pit is built up through the beat of the music, and some people can become seriously injured through the mosh pit. People still enjoy listening to this music, and bumping into each other. This really shows two shades of how music can affect your personality. Music can make you happy, sad, mad, energetic, or make you want to kill someone.


2 Responses to “The Relief of Music”

  1. 1 carimalakoff April 6, 2011 at 5:21 pm

    When I want some time to relax and am lisetning to music, I tend to listen to music in which the artist has a soft voice and soothing music of people in the bland playing guitar or another soft instrument. For example, when I want to relax or even can’t fall asleep, I tend to listen to music from artists such as John Mayer and Jack Johnson. These artists have soothing and calming voices and instruments played in their songs which lead me to feeling more relaxed. However, when I go to the gym, I play music that is very upbeat and energetic to keep motivated in continuing my exercise regime. I agree in which it is very common that the kind of music a person plays is a reflection on how they are feeling and their emotions at their current state of mind.

  2. 2 eglundberg May 2, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    I also listen to music to calm me down sometimes when I am stressed. Especially when I am feeling depressed or down I listen to music just to keep my mind off things. Nice slow music to calm you is really helpful, I know I always listen to Coldplay, my favorite band and they always leave me in a good mood šŸ™‚

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