Who really needs sleep?  I never really thought getting a certain amount of hours of sleep was really that big of a deal.  But, after performing our presentation on stress and a good night’s sleep, I will never take sleep for granite again.  I have been up for more than twenty-four hours and I feel exhausted.  Multiple people have come up to me asking me if something was wrong or why I was moving so slow.  I guess the lack of sleep really affected my performance during my day. 

A few reasons that I found important and why a good night sleep is useful is lack of sleep can increase your aging.  The countless nights that I or you have skipped sleep are actually increasing our aging process. You may not notice it, but lack of proper slumber is making your eyes droop, forming wrinkles on your face, making your skin drier and causing your memory to fail.  I personally know that I have a bad enough memory as it is and I don’t need the lack of sleep to increase my memory failure.  I know you all hear adults and the elderly say that they don’t remember something and they begin to blame it on their age.  Yes, some people can get away with that excuse, but the main reasons are the sleep debt.  One important thing we (college students) deal with is stress and test taking; it has been proven if you have a good night’s sleep you are more likely to perform better on that exam then someone who is suffering from sleep debt.  The second important reason for needing a good night sleep is because sleep affects your mood in multiple ways.  Sleep deprivation often causes irritability, moodiness, impatience and the lack of concentration and focus. More crankiness is expected from those who have not been sleeping soundly for a while (which we experienced this morning in our presentation and throughout our day, due to no sleep).

I learned many things about how sleep can affect us and i found it quit interesting.  It also made me even more tired than I am now.  Hopefully i will sleep well tonight since last night did not happen…



  1. 1 carimalakoff April 12, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    From learning over the course and also the presentation, I now realize why I feel as though I can’t remmeber things as well when I don’t have enough sleep. Whenever I am unable to fall asleep or am up late and get up early to do schoolwork or study and don’t get enough sleep, it definitely takes a toll on my body and mind. When I don’t get enough sleep, I feel groggy, tired, and “out of it.” I feel as though I am not able to pay attention as well and not able to keep focus. However, when I am well-rested, I feel more attentive and ready to start my day. I feel it definitely benefits to get a good-night’s sleep for both a one’s own memory’s sake and one’s own body.

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