Pain (warning of bodily dangers)

It’s unusual to think of pain in a positive light as a warning of bodily dangers because I’m used to seeing pain as a negative thing for which I need to take pills to make me feel better.  When reading Sapolsky’s chapter 9 on Stress and Pain the following sentence caught my attention: “Pain is useful to the extent that it motivates us to modify our behaviors in order to reduce whatever insult is causing the pain, because invariably that insult is damaging our tissues” (p. 187).  But we are now so used to getting a pill to fix the “problem” of pain when we are actually adding more issues to the real problem behind the pain.  Lately I’ve been having lots of headaches because of my lack of sleep due to many worries so I’ve been trying to stay away from pills and instead tried to rest and relax in order to sleep well.  I’m sure I’m not the only one with lack of sleep, headaches, and worries so I hope the video helps to bring a smile.


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  1. 1 french111 March 29, 2011 at 8:18 am

    I’ve actually seen pain in a ppositive light since I was young. I began taking martial arts at a young age and my instructor would always tell us that pain is the bodies indication that something is wrong. This is refering to physical pain like a cut, bruise, pulled muscle, etc. not headaches. But for this type of pain he always recomended RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation)to deal with the pain. Now this doesn’t work for headaches and maybe thats why we take pills to relieve headaches. A headache isn’t a pain that a ice pack can fix and the only quick way to relieve the pain is through pills. With a headaches ability to make us loose focus and become unproductive combined with busy schedules in todays society humans have turned towards fixing the pain instead and the source of the pain. On a side note I have heard that if you get frequent headaches you may not be drinking enough water, or that if you drink more water it can solve the problem. Not sure how acurate this is, but its better than taking a pill.

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