Estes Food vs. College Stress

From personal experience and from hearing from other students on campus Estes Dining Hall can give you the runs.  During class on chapter 5 I had a revelation, what if it is college stress and not Estes that gives RMC students diarrhea.  Being in college with homework, tests, quizes, reports and other various events going on in a college students life it isn’t difficult to see that we get stressed.  So I was wondering if it isn’t the stress that students experience that gives us diarrhea and not the food from Estes.  But since most students on campus eat at Estes it is assumed that the food is giving us diarrhea.  That’s what I thought when I first got here, until this semester when the diarrhea has disapearred.  During the first semester I was stressed, it was my first semster of college and wanted to do good and had to adjust to college life and work loads.  Now during my second semester I’m less stressed and have noticed that I am having normal bowel movements now.


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